Rappan Athuk #45: In-N-Out

22 Jun

The party returned to exploring Rappan Athuk’s maze, looking for a way down to the fabled goblin city. (-GM)

18th day of Arodus, 4718 AR


We started the day like most days: with a vote. The choices were to go into the maze below a sinkhole we had found earlier, or explore somewhere else. The verdict was to go down the sinkhole so off we went.

We found a tunnel at the bottom of the sinkhole and followed it for about 80 feet. As soon as we turned the corner, Ghost-Wolf was killed by some unseen attacker. Directly after, The Hero of No Name grunted in pain and fell to his knees. Unseen attacker turned out to be unseen attackers as the monsters revealed themselves. Four powerful looking goblins stood surrounding the dead body of Ghost-Wolf, their daggers raised.

Further down the tunnel, more goblins emerged. The goblin in front seemed to be the leader and shouted at us, “I AM THE MIGHTY SASHA!! TREMBLE IN FEAR FOR BEFORE YOU STANDS THE POWERFUL LEADER OF MINING EXPEDITION 38!!!” A little goblin in the back mentioned how being a failed mining expedition wasn’t really something to use to intimidate people. It should really give you -2 on your roll or something. Then after thinking for a second, the party finally realized that this could be the party that was with Gurran and his small group of miners that got separated. We told Sasha that we would be right back.

The party ran back up, yelled “shiznit,” grabbed the excited goblins, and showed them to Sasha. Sasha gave a shout of joy as she recognized her former mining partners. While they were all catching up on what happened, we asked what was down the tunnel to our right. They warned us, “Don’t go in there. It is a trap and will kill you.” We asked him to be a little more specific because pretty much everything could kill you in Rappan Athuk. Even poop (the poop monster). The goblin said we would all get lost and die. To the left was better.

Well we did not have that many options so we walked over to the tunnel entrance. There was a lever right on the wall besides the tunnel. The goblins told us to find the other lever. Because they had given the hint about the water, we sent Shia in because he could swim. We looked up and saw a huge block of adamantine. We knew that at some point it would fall so we told Shia to hurry and explore the beyond. The party told me to accompany him but I refused. Too many of my brothers and sisters had died in this dungeon and I would not be the next. So off Shia went.

I am going to let Shia tell this part.


So after being shoved into a tunnel being told to map and walk around exploring, I wasn’t the happiest fish-man on the block. I pulled the lever and the block behind me fell and water started flowing into the maze. After walking (then swimming) for awhile through this maze-like area I think I found the second lever the goblins were talking about. I pulled the lever, and a block rose and started to fall again. On the other side I think I saw 2 huge figures appear on either side of me and cut me down with huge axes. Then everything went black.


Dig, dig, dig, and dig. It was exhausting but we were able to dig around the adamantine block. A wave of water poured out of the hole we had made and it took at least 20 minutes for it to drain to waist level. Shia never came back so we teleported home, resurrected him, and returned so he could tell us where the second lever would be. A couple of minutes later, we found the second lever. Three minotaurs appeared next to us. Both of them attacked Valestar with their axes. He dodged them, but it was close. We got ready so the next time they teleported in we would attack them. Only six seconds later, they came again but by the time they noticed the trap it was too late. We slaughtered two of them, but one got away. We moved on.

We pulled the second lever and the 2nd adamantine block in front of us lifted up for a second then went back down. We messed around with the system until we figured out a way to have it be permanently up (not with a permanency spell). It took a little bit of thinking but after a little while we were able to make this magical little ball tell the block to lift up. The block lifted up and we walked in.

We saw a huge cavern with a river running through it. We started to move around and explore. Then suddenly twoo giant minotaurs appeared flanking The Hero of No Name. Their axes swung downwards knocking The Hero of No Name to his knees. Then they disappeared. Shia said that these were monsters that could go to the ethereal plane whenever they wanted. This meant they could blink in, attack, and blink out. So we readied ourselves so that the next time they appeared we would strike. But we underestimated how many of them there were.

The next time eight of them blinked in, swung their axes like little kids trying to break open a pinata at a birthday party, but these were huge dangerous weapons and it was nobody’s birthday 😦 . We were able to kill 2 of them before they disappeared.

The next time they came, they brought another bigger, stronger, more dangerous minotaur with them. He appeared to be a king of some sorts and had a very powerful looking greataxe. Two swings with the weapon and Valestar almost went unconscious, saved by a spell that healed him at the last second. We could see the worry on Valestar’s face so we knew that this was going to be a tough fight. The paladin started chanting a familiar prayer, and after no time at all we had the need to bring justice.

I chose to impose justice on the king of the minotaurs. I shouted my challenge and spotted an opening when The Hero of No Name’s eidolon attacked. During the opening, I was able to fire a shot that hit the big dude. I saw a grimace of pain flash across his face. And just like that they were gone again.

The party received some emergency healing courtesy of Valestar. The next time the king and his followers came back, something very very bad happened. The king got lucky. His first attack bounced off Valestar’s armor with so much force that it moved him a little exposing his neck. In the fraction of a second the king saw this weak spot and a smirk spread across his face because he knew he was going to decapitate this unfortunate soul.

Swoosh! Clank! The axe had missed Valestar’s neck and hit the top of his armor instead! This was because the ground was very rocky and uneven and the lucky paladin had stumbled at the last second, causing the attack to miss. Still, the swing of the axe had so much power behind it that it knocked Valestar to the ground. Even though the attack had missed, the sheer force had been enough to put our paladin very low.

The king lifted his axe one last time… but then his face turned from anger to confusion followed by him falling face first into the dirt, a cluster of arrows sticking into him from behind. I mentally patted myself on the back because I had saved Valestar. Justice is served! (option of fries or a salad on the side)

We went to collect the king’s loot and found that his weapon was very effective at decapitating people and that it was a miracle that Valestar survived. Not only was it good at decapitating people; it was also very valuable, as well as other treasures that we found scattered around the cave that seemed to be theirs. There was a huge throne that was valuable if we could transport it.

Whelp, now I have loot to count and things to do.

Need to talk? Got something to say? Well that’s too bad I’m irrelevantly far away


Arthritic Slaver, half-orc fighter 10
BlungyBooce, vanaran pistolero gunslinger 10
Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 11
The Hero of No Name, aasimar summoner 11
Nioveskirian, dwarven stonelord paladin 11
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 11
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 12

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