Princes of the Apocalypse #19: Return to the River

22 Jun

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party, with some effort, persuaded their spooked mercenaries once again to join them in traversing the tunnel far beneath the Sacred Stone Monastery. They fought a pitched battle and took some dead as they defeated an elite earth cultist riding a bulette along with his followers. Archers repulsed them and they retreated. They stopped by Feathergale Spire to get an explanation as to why the delegation from Mirabar and earth cultists were attacked by them. They apparenetly asked too many questions — their old friend, Windharrow, warned them to flee. They fled from the tower, the birdriders on their trail. They barely escaped to Red Larch… (-GM)

20th of Kythorn, 1491 Dale Reckoning

Part One: Dead

Ander Wiggins’ last battle?

So there I was, and we were in the city of Red Larch. Isaac and Eldernova had just gotten back from Feathergale Spire. Lalia and I were playing drinking games and Lalia was winning. There was one eagle that was flying around in the sunrise. Our building was still in construction, and the worker said that there were about 108 days left. We were in The Swinging Sword, and Lalia could not stop drinking. I was wanting to go down below Rivergard Keep where we fought water cultists. Eldernova was trying to create a treatment to treat Lalia’s hangover.

It took 2 days to go to Rivergard Keep. Only a few hours after we left, we were walking through the forest. Suddenly, there was an explosion of fire among us. I narrowly missed it, but it still hit me and did half damage. Lalia was hit hard, and 10 people wielding scimitars with black tattoos on their faces revealed themselves. The spellcaster was in the back and wore red robes.

“You’re about to die,” said Eldernova while casting hellish rebuke. The person didn’t look that wounded. Now it was their turn, all of them missed except one lucky shot that hit the bear, but the bear did not look wounded in the least. I walked over to one of them and hit one of them, hit with one of my attacks, and did a considerable amount of damage for one attack. Eldernova threw an ice knife at one of them, but it was stopped by some magical force. He looked blurry. The bear went over to one of them and missed. The fire cultist cast fireball again-


Isaac woke me up, then he ran away. I hit one of them, and it fell to the ground, dead. Eldernova went over to his bear and poured a potion of healing down his throat. His bear awoke. They all ran away, but I had to protect them, so I stayed behind to fight–


Part Two: The New Bard

We got to Rivergard Keep. Apparently, people were partying and they had fancy clothes on…

I woke up as a bard, asleep in the room of Lalia, and they were annoyed. I convinced them that I was one of them and we set out on an adventure.

Our first encounter on the road were some very cheerful ruffians. They wanted all of our money and all of our belongings. Isaac went first. He summoned some panthers, and they all pounced at all of them. They did so much damage, and one of them crit (it looked like it would really hurt). They knocked most of them over and did so much damage.

Now it was their turn. They all attacked the panthers, and all ran away. I moved forward, started singing to inspire Lalia, and shot a longbow at one of the people, I missed. Eldernova rode on his bear, and then walked over to the people, and threw a bomb on all of the bandits. All of the minions fell, and the leader did not surrender despite Eldernova’s offer to surrender. All of the panthers went to the leader and started pouncing. They did a considerable amount of damage. It looked like almost all of them hit. He tried to move away, and the panthers killed him.

We got to Rivergard Keep. I was very happy because I could hear very much partying. Apparently, people were partying and they had fancy clothes on because they got a huge pile of gold and bought some liquor. Some people were yelling at each other, but when we came out, they stopped. We had heard the words like “don’t tell them” and the other person said they’ll find out anyway.

Isaac went into the conversation. Then one said when they searched the Sacred Stone Monastery (which the party had neglected to do! -GM) they had found a huge pile of gold, and since some of them died, they thought they deserved it. But now we could have a share. We took on the offer that we can have 50% of the gold that they had. They brought out a coffin with gold, and they told us that they had 800 gold left. Isaac gave them the greataxe. Hypernova asked some of the people to make a river watch. Deskarilet said that we could make one, and he is organizing a watch.

Part Three: The Water Watch

We were walking into the water cultists’ lair. Isaac cast water breathing on all of us. We were swimming through the water and there were a waterway and a large opening.

There were some water cultists. Eldernova convinced them that he was part of the Water Cult. Eldernova fired a couple of pistol shots at us and purposely missed.

There was a beastly creature under the bridge. The thing came out when we tried to dismount from the boat, and he tried to push it over. Lalia jumped over it, and then readied an action to attack. I inspired Lalia and shot it. Then Lalia was inspired and hit it for some. Then Eldernova made a molotov cocktail for the round. Then his bear stabbed his claw into the troll’s genitals and did a lot of damage. Isaac cast produce flame on it, and then the sharks that he summoned attacked. They both hit, and then they did a whole lot of damage and was grappled by two targets.

-Bard (Simon)


Eldernova, human druid 1/warlock 2/ranger 2
Isaac, forest gnome druid 6

Lalia, lightfoot halfling rogue 6
Suki, bard 5

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