Tournament Errata

26 May

These Errata modify the Tournament Arenas that were posted earlier:


  • In the arenas that say “Flying magic doesn’t work,” wings don’t work, either. Other magical effects that might affect how gravity affects a creature, like levitate, still work.



  • The pillar is no longer a pillar! It is an island that has a height of 5 feet. Jumping onto it from a square adjacent to the water is a DC 15 Acrobatics check. Failing lands you in the water, with every 5 of your check sending you 5′ from the shore. Not having 10′ of running room doubles this DC. You cannot jump onto it from the water. Climbing on top of it from an adjacent water hex is a DC 10 Climb check.
  • Standing on the center island does not require an action, but you must end your turn on it TWO TURNS IN A ROW.
  • The room is 60′ tall. Falling damage in Pathfinder is d6 per 10′ feet of distance.
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