Princes of the Apocalypse #16: The River Watch

26 May

The party travels a mysterious river beneath Rivergard Keep rallies the Keep’s denizens for their next adventure in this installment. (-GM)

15th of Kythorn, 1491 Dale Reckoning

From the journals of ISAAC:

Stupid party:

Night: The ambush put on us was unsuccessful. The monks didn’t have that much loot. Oh well, all’s for the best. Time to get some sleep.

Morning: Good to be awake. After a while, Rivergate Keep is in sight. The party is going to turn around to Red Larch to hire people to build a dream business. STUPID PARTY. Oh well, the fools. After almost dying to get here, they turn around.

Next mid-day: Well, they did hire the town guard. It’s going to be a pain in the pocket (Bad puns for life!), but oh well. Now the $#$% are going back to Rivergate. STUPID PARTY.

Next evening: We have decided to attack the monastery the fifth — or was it sixth? — time. We have got the people of Rivergate to come with us FOR ONLY 27% OF THE MONEY. That turned out well. Just as things were looking good, we learned that some people below the Keep had spied on us. So, we are going to kill them.

Midnight: The battle is over and guess what? We won (for like the two thousandth time)! We were just going to try and slit their throats when they tried to return the undone favor. Meanies. My thoughts are sort of mixed but this is what I can tell you. . . We were rowing our boat when we saw 3 regular water cultists, a big blue guy, and a woman with gills. The blue guy turned into a watery serpent. The woman jumped onto the water and a shark appeared to pick her up. I thought it would be fun to do some naval warfare and I spawned 4 reef sharks. They proceeded for the rest of the battle to kill the shark, then the lady, and finally attack the serpent. I was used as a healer and basically saved my teammates 5 times. We knocked them all unconscious and killed them all. We are going back to the Keep.

Morning: We are going to march on the monastery. Most people are hung over but we get marching. Each captain (a player) got three troops under their command. They got a cool name too: The River Watch.

Next morning: We are here and are going to invade. We are splitting up to attack through the middle and the flanks. I find a kitchen with lots of food but no cooks. I make my way to the doors next to the throne room and I, following orders, am supposed to get in there. So, I shall! As soon as I open the doors I see two big stone golems and a spellcaster/priest. My reinforcements pour through to get to the fight. Everyone comes through the doors to join me and we make mincemeat out of them.  No one on our side dies.



Ander Wiggins, halfling paladin 5
Isaac, gnome druid 5

Lalia, lightfoot halfling rogue 5
Hypernova Starfall, high-elf warlock 5/wizard 1
Monk, wood elven monk 4
Reaper, forest gnome necromancer 4

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