Age of Worms #18: Exeunts and Alarums

20 Apr

When we last left our heroes, they had defeated devilspawn that they had just belched forth from their mouths before a delighted theater of Kintargo’s finest. The party’s hunter, Quinn, continues the tale. (-GM)

2nd day of Sarenith, 4741 AR

The play reached its end, and the crowd erupted in a roar. My companions and I bowed, and even Herb took a knee. It was truly awe-inspiring. After the performance we were invited by a local celebrity, Valeros, to go and party at his mansion.


The rest of the group left right away but I had to stay back and pray for a new bird, as my old one sadly perished protecting his master. He proved his name, Valor, ten times over.

Anyway, back to Valeros. It was rumored that he had a part of The Rod of Seven Parts. One seventh isn’t much, but we’ll take what we can get. Once we came to the party, we ran into the obstacle of getting into his back rooms. The entrances were guarded by uhhh guards. We didn’t see this one coming. We thought the guarded doors would be unguarded by guarding guards. Luckily there were no gardeners, or we really would have been in trouble.

To stall for time, we talked to Valeros. He looked me up and down, and to me it seemed that he liked what he saw. He offered me a free ticket to his “Tournament” ;). I hastily agreed, not wanting to lose this chance. Overall Valeros seemed the model citizen, and I liked him. But sadly, I had to grab his rod ;))))). Even Herb seemed excited at the prospect.

After that, some of the party moved towards the back room in order to retrieve the part. Fire elementals attacked Noway when he pulled a secret lever. However, our valiant fighters took them down while I smooth-talked Valeros. Alric, a big bully who didn’t like us, also snuck into the back room to do some stealing. I have always despised thieves. I despise hypocrites too. Sadly, the only thing we had retrieved was some cash money, and a suitor for Herb.

“Ensorcella = Killer!” he cried, and began to run away.

Finally, the party got lame and we dipped. We returned to the inn and fell asleep as soon as the door opened. However, we were awakened in the night by an awakening sound.

“I’m woke!” I cried out, forgetting where we were. The group and I went downstairs to investigate the commotion. There was a suspicious salesman, swinging a slicer.

“I have seen a terrifying transpiration of tantalizing trepidation!” he told us.

“What does that mean?” I responded.

“It means Ensorcella has endorsed ending an entrepreneurial establishment, by eliminating its employee.”

“What?” I said again, quite confused?

Ensorcella = Killer!” he cried, and began to run away.

I quickly flew after him, Valor II beneath me. He fought like a demon, but we put him down in the end. Only once his body had ceased moving did we realize that he wasn’t a human at all.

“I had dubious doubts on the disparaging disagreement the devilish dealer had dealt before us, and now I doubly delight in discovering his doppelganger nature!”
-Quinn (Zack)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 6
Noway Amagonadaithisthyme, oread ranger 7
Quinn, human hunter 7
Roger, human slayer 6
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 6

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