Princes of the Apocalypse #13: The Monastery Incursion

19 Mar

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party had a nightmarish dream sequence before finding some lacedons (aquatic ghouls) beneath Rivergard Keep. In this chapter narrated by the party druid, Isaac, the party finally makes a breakthrough at the Sacred Stone Monastery. (-GM)

29th of Mirtul, 1491 Dale Reckoning

By Hypernova Starfall

We enter the room in which we’d previously slain the umber hulk. And then Reaper summons a minor illusion of Lalia screaming. (Somebody shoot me please.) Reaper also viciously mocks the air.

“Dumbass,” Lalia says.

I am meanwhile studying my Shadowbook. Also, Lalia tries to disable a nonexistent lock. She fails miserably at covering it up. We begin arguing over sources of light.

We enter a pitch-black room which is then illuminated by my staff tip. Ander, a burly paladin, stands in front. We walk down a long, dusty hallway. The unlocked bronze door swings open as Ander tries to unlock it. We enter a musty room full of skeletons (which are in little niches in the wall). Slabs with still-fleshy corpses on them lie around.

And then the corpses lurch forward, their empty eyes glinting with murder.

I run up to the zombies and send a bolt of holy fire spiraling in a double helix formation. It bounces around and sears the zombie’s dead eyes. Reaper, meanwhile steps forward and chill-touches a zombie. A zombie walks up and bitch-slaps me and Reaper, leaving a nasty cut on my arm. I roar and 2nd-level spell thunderwave the zombies before me. Isaac, meanwhile, calls up his nature magic, while Lalia silently stabs the zombies from behind. Ander brings his weapon down on a zombie, nearly shattering it.

A zombie attempts to hit me, but I block. Isaac’s summoned warhorses descend on the zombies with no mercy. I meanwhile thorn whip a zombie, the spiked vine cleaving the zombie the zombie in two. Meanwhile, Lalia silently plunges a rapier toward a zombie. His other rapier lashes out and strikes the zombie. The zombie collapses, dead (again! YAY!).

Simultaneously, Reaper grabs a zombie and electricity surges through it. The zombie, fried, collapses. A zombie claws at Ander, but Ander chops off its hand and keeps going, sword flashing. A horse strikes the zombie. The zombie moans… and dies.

*Epic music plays*

Reaper viciously mocks the ogre: “Your mama’s, like, SIX FEET TALL!”

We stand around the dead zombies, our reserves slightly weakened. I, always the scientist, stride forward and pick up a bit of zombie flesh and preserve the rotten material in a glass vial. I take 5 of it and place it in a case, then I pack the case on my horse’s saddlebag labeled “alchemy.” I also grab some zombie teeth, which are rotted and cavity-ridden.

We open the tomb, and I use minor illusion to create an Illuminati symbol over it.

Doo dee doo doo dee dee…

I need bleach. Badly.

And Reaper found a golden ring on a skeleton’s bony finger, and a sapphire/silver one.

We continue forward into the dungeon. We head down another hall, our weapons ready… and we hear very faint talking from some halls up ahead. Light fans out from my hands and we see a door. The horses gallop down the hall, their hoof beats echoing across the stone walls. Reaper sends his familiar to scout ahead.

I, meanwhile, attempt to open the door and Isaac starts complaining about wanting the horse to break the door down. A weird bug-eyed creature and some orcs (tough, intelligent orcs called orogs -GM) stand up. We tense for attack. I flare holy light into my hand. An ogre moves forward as well. And I blast holy fire into the ogre’s arm. Definitely not a lethal blow. Ander charges forward with his rapier, its point stabbing into the ogre’s leg.


My ears hurt.

Meanwhile, Reaper viciously mocks the ogre.

“Your mama’s, like, SIX FEET TALL!” he yells, spitting at the ogre. Isaac charges forth and sends out a spurt of fire at the ogre’s head.

I viciously mock, “Your whole bloodline is tainted with impurity. Bastard!” I roar, the insults stabbing into the ogre’s mind. The orog bashes a horse, while Ander begins to show signs of dying. The ogre roars (reghhh!) and bashes a horse out of existence. Another horse steps forward and bashes the ogre’s leg. It falls, dead.

Isaac stops and heals Ander. Ander rises and looks around, dazed. He then charges and plunges his rapier forward, into the creature. I blast witchbolt and completely miss. And the orc knocks out Ander, but I counter, cutting into its arm. Reaper’s owl sticks its talons into the orog’s eye — and acid spurts into the bird’s face. The bird poofs away, leaving no trace.

Isaac’s horse charges forward and barrels into the orcs, and a horse beats its hoof. Isaac, as well, misses. I lash my thorn whip toward its face — and I miss. The orc slashes his weapon into my face.

I collapse, unconscious…

* * * * * * *

Meanwhile back in Red Larch…

I feel slightly less dead.

We slowly awaken to the sight of the room, dead enemies lying everywhere. I stand and collect some blood, 3 orogs and one ogre. I also take some of the ogre’s flesh. I also take some straw from a smelly mat.

Then we leave for Red Larch.

I go to the constable’s office. After much difficulty, I open the door. After some talk, ankhegs rise from the ground and attack the village. I blast flames into one, causing severe injuries.

After the fight, I join the town guard and wait for my Amazon order.

Hypernova Starfall


Ander Wiggins, halfling paladin 4
Isaac, gnome druid 5

Lalia, lightfoot halfling rogue 5
Hypernova Starfall, high-elf warlock 4/wizard 1
Reaper, forest gnome necromancer 4
Zenyatta, wood elven monk 4

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