Princes of the Apocalypse #12: Beneath the Earth

09 Mar

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party had a nightmarish dream sequence before finding some lacedons (aquatic ghouls) beneath Rivergard Keep. In this chapter narrated by the party druid, Isaac, the party finally makes a breakthrough at the Sacred Stone Monastery. (-GM)

27th of Mirtul, 1491 Dale Reckoning

Episode 1: Greatest Victories of Princes of the Apocalypse
Scenario: Confronted and flanked by 9 or 10 monks, a monk spellcaster, stone warrior, and one monk with especially high heels that are very sharp vs. the adventurers.

I sincerely remember the moment when Lalia charged up to the high-heeled lady and got attacked.

The battle started right before I cast conjure animals and spawned 8 snakes that went for their spell caster and stone warrior. The spell caster said weird words and everyone felt slow for second, but some of my companions and I shook it off.

The monks charged us in the back and took out Hypernova by knocking him unconscious. The party fought back with tremendous strength. Then their spell caster tried to blow off my snake’s ear drums with the shatter spell, but most of the snakes resisted. I sincerely remember the moment when Lalia charged up to the high-heeled lady and got attacked. Lalia looked very battered from my vantage point, and the lady almost stumbled by the huge impact of the sword’s slash.

I spawned some big eagles to help us, but only 2 minutes in, it was looking like a resounding victory for us. The funniest part was when one monk was running for it, he got grappled by a snake and killed.

Then came the victory of the ages. We charged downstairs and got attacked by a half bug-half ogre beast which we quickly identified as an Umber Hulk. The amazing part of this battle is that the party didn’t take any damage. What happened is I sent the creatures I summoned earlier to attack the beast and they took all the damage! They also defeated the beast with small help from the party. Now, how the Umber Hulk died was a tragedy because it got attacked by Reaper’s vicious mockery spell and Reaper burned it and it collapsed to the ground. We retreated after a day’s work well done and cut off everyone’s head as we left.

Then came the victory of the ages. We charged downstairs…

We went to bed and woke up in the morning and invaded again. We got attacked on our way to where we left off, getting attacked by 6 monks and a Minotaur. We slashed them, and I used conjure animals to spawn war horses which cycle-charged them in the rear, and we used spells on them. It was over in minutes. My only memory was when Hypernova kept being knocked unconscious and I would heal him and say to myself “Is it worth healing him?”



Ander Wiggins, halfling paladin 4
Isaac, gnome druid 5

Lalia, lightfoot halfling rogue 5
Hypernova, high-elf warlock 3/wizard 1
Reaper, forest gnome necromancer 4
Zenyatta, wood elven monk 4

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