Age of Worms #16: A Really Long Battle

02 Mar

Our last session was unprecedented: a single massive battle that played out in waves in which our heroes almost lost several of their number. Roger recounts what happened. (-GM)

16th day of Desnus, 4741 AR

guardsAfter Mr. ‘God Emperor’, as the late Hans Grüber called him, retreated back into the fancy opera house and his cronies started attacking the protesters, I realized that I should get to a distance where those thugs couldn’t club me. I used my good old rope of climbing, attached to an arrow, to rappel up to the roof of the palace.

While this was happening, I felt the air crackle with power and my ears popped. I turned to see Hans’ hand’s enveloped with lightning, his sword pointing threateningly towards one of the thugs whose nose had started bleeding. That poor man looked like he had some regrets about serving as a guard. I jumped onto the roof, and arrowed a guard about to whack the tortoise Herbert. Herb then bit off his foot and screeched indefinitely. I admired his fighting spirit.

Suddenly, a shadow fell across the battle. I saw a large bird-like creature dive out of the sky and bite an arm of a guard, who started screaming and fell over. The bird’s rider had a long, magical pole topped with a wicked-looking blade, and he used it to ventilate the chest cavity of the guard in front of Hans. Hans seemed to trip, and a loud popping noise was heard: Hans had fallen into the fountain and electrocuted himself. I shook my head. This is what happens when one is not careful when using magic. I personally stay away from spells and the like, and only use it to enhance my bow and armor.


Hans seemed to trip, and a loud popping noise was heard…

Anyway, Noway and Sunaki were hacking away at the remaining guards, while Ensorcella’s beautiful hands had turned into sharp claws, and she was slicing and dicing them quite well. This, combined with regular passes from our new bird-riding warrior and a hail of arrows from yours truly, turned it into a rout. Suddenly though, two more guards with heavy plate armor stepped out of the palace and charged our party. A combination of arrows and the large claws of the bird were enough to take out the first, but the second attacked Noway. More came out, and it turned into a general melee, with the crowd scattering more by the minute. We were winning the fight against the armored soldiers, even though they were proving to be quite tough.

But of course, there were more. A good 15-20 of them, with a huge evil-looking hell hound behind them, ran out at us. Encorsella quickly cast a potent fireball, and Noway, who was in the blast, looked a bit burnt, but our armored adversaries looked like they were hurting quite a bit.

This is where things took a turn for the worse though, and although Ensorcella got off another fireball, it only took out two, although the rest were all very weak-looking. Two charged her though, and they quickly knocked her out with their big maces. Noway, who was surrounded, decided to cast his best spell, and the area around him filled with brambles and thickets, entangling many of the soldiers. I was killing them left and right, but we were clearly fighting a losing battle. Noway and Herb went down fighting, and Sunaki had to retreat into the crowd.


But of course, there were more. A good 15-20 of them, with a huge evil-looking hell hound behind them…

Our new ally, whose name is Quinn, after his big bird took a few arrows, flew onto the roof next to me to heal it. We hid up on the roof for a minute or two to heal and strategize, and I realized that we were up a certain creek without a paddle. I fired off a few arrows, using the lip of the roof as cover, and two of the determined soldiers fell. I heard a pounding noise coming from the door to the roof, and I yelled for Sunaki to come back. Quinn dove down and he took out two more, the rest scattering. Sunaki ran back and cast a fog cloud spell in front of the door to cover our escape. I rappelled down the building and grabbed poor unconscious Herb. Together with the crowd, we grabbed all our fallen comrades and ran.

We are now wanted in Kintargo as well, and I honestly don’t know what we will do next. We have money and can fight though, so I think we will be okay.

Roger (Marco)



Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 6
Noway Amagonadaithisthyme, oread ranger 6
Quinn, human hunter 6
Roger, human slayer 6
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 6

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