Rappan Athuk #36: The Temple of Orcus

09 Feb

temple-of-orcusThe party takes a respite from the maze only to find denizens more sinister… (-GM)

26th day of Abadius, 4718 AR

After finding the poor dead paladin with his magical longsword, I gave him the blessing of Sarenrae and covered his body. We wanted to finish mapping the labyrinth, and we walked on for a time. I don’t know how far we went, but after a while, we found an area with rough-hewn hallways and a set of double doors. We went through and found a natural cavern that was partially collapsed, the middle full of rubble. We crossed it to find another room, and we decided to backtrack.

We were attacked again by the magical stalactites that seemed to pass through the walls to try to skewer us. The Hero Of No Name realized that we had yet to explore a staircase that led upstairs, from the previous level. We cautiously approached it, and we tried to use our magic to detect evil and magic through the door, and found it to be too thick. I was almost out of healing, and The Hero Of No Name had used many of his spells. We decided that rest was advisable, boarded up a room, and got some rest.

Gandalf The White was feeling ill, so The Hero Of No Name teleported him back home. Gandalf had talked to his cousin, a fellow we know only as Arthritic Slaver, and he came back with The Hero Of No Name. He is a bit of a wildcard, but he is skilled with a whip, and is also very big and strong. After our brief respite, we decided to take on the room.


The room was shaped like a six pointed star and had a large statue of Orcus in one of the points…

The Hero Of No Name used his magic to summon a group of earth elementals, and they scouted the room for us. They reported about twenty robed priests, and a flying bird demon. They then took positions inside the walls, and prepared to ambush the priests once the battle started. I hopped onto Orion and kicked in the door, to see a small army of priests of Orcus and a bird-like demon, just as the elementals had reported. I charged in and Orion kicked in one of the priest’s heads on the way.

The room was shaped like a six pointed star and had a large statue of Orcus in one of the points. In the middle, there was a pit of lava, with a bridge that went over it. The demon flew over, and emitted a shrill screech that stunned Arthritic Slaver, making him drop his whip. I charged it, and smote it with a cry. It shrieked as I cut it down with my new sword.

The elementals, from the walls, slammed the priests, while DFEFA dealt death to the hooded scum, and The Hero Of No Name used our magical brazier to summon a huge elemental of fire. The priests called to Orcus and channeled his power to try and weaken us, and I felt the dark power clawing to me. I ignored it and, roused by Shia’s inspiring spells and war cries, Orion and I cut through the casters, with gunshots supporting us from Blungy Booce.

Suddenly, one of the casters threw something at us. I braced for an impact, but it struck the ground, and made no noise. I saw Blungy’s blessed revolver firing, but heard no crack, and even though Shia was still rallying us with his inspirational war cries, I heard only silence. I did not dwell on it for long however, as it did not impede me or Orion slaying the evil priests.

Suddenly, a spectre floated through the wall to my right. I turned and, before I was able to smite it, it cast a spell. Something odd then happened. The spell seemed to fizzle, and it seemed to not be able to cast it. It floated in hack-and-slash range, and so I smote it, and it reeled from my glowing sword. With the help of Blungy’s bullets and DFEFA’s arrows, it died (again), and we quickly dispatched the rest of the priests.


Suddenly, a spectre floated through the wall to my right. I turned and, before I was able to smite it, it cast a spell…

We healed, and found many enchanted maces on the bodies of the evil priests, and after smashing the statue of Orcus, we found two fire opals worth 25,000gp each. I sent a prayer to Sarenrae, thanking her for giving me the strength to vanquish the demon, the priests, and the terrifying spectre. We sent out the earth elementals to check the walls to find secret doors, and found one in the northeastern point of the star. I opened it up, found a cold hallway, and saw a ghost rise up from a sarcophagus, and Orion and I charged it.

It reached out, and I could feel its cold aura reaching toward my chest. Then a cluster of arrows landed, right in its head, and it disappeared with a sigh. Another floated over to me, and it reached out to me, its icy hand extended, and its touch made me feel as if I had just aged 10 years. I responded with two swift stabs to its unbeating heart, and Orion hoofed it twice. A gunshot from the doorway sent the ghost back to its makers, and the third disappeared after a few arrows and some swings of my sword.

We searched the room and found the bodies of four paladins with two powerful magical swords, a Rod of Resurrection and a magical necklace. I covered their bodies and spent a time praying to Sarenrae, thanking her for granting me the might to dispatch the twisted remnants of the holy warriors. That is all for now. We are going to town now to sell our loot, and hopefully purchase some new weapons and armor.

-Valestar Ekhart     


Arthritic Slaver, half-orc fighter 7
BlungyBooce, vanaran pistolero gunslinger 9
Death from Even Farther Away, tiefling slayer 10
The Hero of No Name, aasimar summoner 9
Nioveskirian, dwarven stonelord paladin 9
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 8
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 10

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