Princes of the Apocalypse #8: A Brick Wall

07 Jan

The party once again tries to take on the monastery with earth cultists inside it, but this time with help from Feathergale Spire. The residents of the monastery again put up a tough fight. (-GM)

11th of Mirtul, 1491 Dale Reckoning

monksWe started by traveling back to the temple. Over there, we sought high ground to find other entrances and see what the whole temple was like. We saw two side entrances. As we snuck back around, two monks from the monastery attacked us. One of them decided to go back for help. We killed the monk in 3 or 4 rounds.

As we went around to the front, 6 or 7 more monks attacked us. We fought. Two thunder waves were cast. I fled a little, but came back to help. We eventually fought off the monks.

Afterward, we ventured into the temple a little bit more. On the right, we saw a monster. We fled down the other passageway as our rogue Lalia jammed the lock. Two duergars appeared right in front of us. We fought them and Isaac cast heat metal on one of them. Then two more duergars and an enlarged one appeared in front of us. So we were fighting five normal duergars and an enlarged one. We eventually defeated them when another unknown monster started coming toward us. We ran.

Papyrus’ boyfriend, Windharrow, also left because he had business to do. So we returned to Red Larch.

-Monk (Max)


Isaac, gnome druid 4
Lalia, lightfoot halfling rogue 3
Monk, wood elven monk 3
Papyrus, half-elven bard 4
Rogue Eldritch Knight, dragonborn fighter 4

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