Princes of the Apocalypse #7: Feathergale Spire

01 Jan

The feast was a grand one… Then someone came through the window saying that a manticore had returned and there was a rousing cheer.

Our heroes noted that the mage beneath Red Larch had a map showing four locations in the Sumber Hills. One of them is Feathergale Spire… (-GM)

9th of Mirtul, 1491 Dale Reckoning

The group decided to go to a newly discovered community: Feathergale Spire in the Sumber Hills. We came to recruit help because we got beat out of a temple last time. We were prepared for anything. The one thing that we were not prepared for happened: a friendly lady met us and told us that we came at a perfect time since they were holding a feast tonight. We entered the Spire and meet a few people, including Thurl Merosska, the person in charge who knew about the elementals a little bit. Papyrus also met her boyfriend Windharrow. Then Windharrow took Papyrus out for a ride on his flying vulture.

The feast was a grand one, with many foods, an electrodynamics show from Rogue Eldritch Knight, bagpipes from myself, and a duet from Papyrus and Windharrow. Then someone came through the window saying that a manticore had returned and there was a rousing cheer.

The group, Windharrow, and four knights flew out to the beast. The knights got to it first and they were repelled. So, the group decided to attack it and we seemed to destroyed it. We got the reward, a 250 gp ring.

In the morning, Rogue Eldritch Knight shot a couple big birds. Then the group worked on diplomacy and got some of the knights to help, including Windharrow. We then went out to Red Larch to get some men. The walk was quiet and peaceful, and when we arrived we were informed that there was a funeral today. We met the constable and got 3 soldiers to help us through diplomacy.

We had to camp out on the walk back and we got ambushed. “Alarm, Alarm,” I said that night. There was some ferocious combat, including a wizard using blur and many magic missiles, a shape shifter, and a pretty strong beast. During the duel, we noticed that they were all water elemental cultists. We knocked them all out to end the scene.



Isaac, gnome druid 4
Immeral Liadon, high elven rogue 3
Papyrus, half-elven bard 4
Rogue Eldritch Knight, dragonborn fighter 4

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