New preview of Starfinder RPG!

15 Dec

starfinder2Starfinder RPG brings heroic space fantasy to tabletops in 2017. Here is an extensive interview by Game Informer with James Sutter, Starfinder RPG’s creative director!

The tabletop role-playing world has seen tremendous growth and expansion in recent years, as new creative voices and innovative settings have gained steam. One of the most popular games on the scene is Pathfinder; Paizo’s evolution beyond Dungeons & Dragons’ 3.5 edition has been a mainstay of the RPG gaming landscape for years now. After years of shaping and growing Pathfinder, Paizo is releasing a brand-new RPG in 2017; Starfinder exists in the same universe as Pathfinder, but the setting leaps forward thousands of years, and presents a universe where technology and magic live side-by-side, and brave adventurers chart the paths between planets. 

I had a chance for an extensive conversation with Starfinder’s creative director, James Sutter, who filled me in on the ambitious plans for the game and setting. We covered a wealth of topics, and as a fan of Paizo’s work myself, I know that other enthusiasts are eager to hear every tidbit they can about this upcoming project. With that in mind, I’m sharing the entirety of our lengthy conversation, which includes an exclusive look at one of Starfinder’s iconic characters, an exhaustive conversation about the setting, the system’s approach to magic and space combat, and even what we can expect out of the Starfinder Core Rulebook when it releases in August of 2017. 

If you’d prefer to jump to a particular topic, you can learn about the tone of Starfinder and how it compares to Pathfinder here on page one. On page two, learn about the Starfinder setting. Page three includes an exclusive look at one of Starfinder’s new iconic characters, the importance of addressing diversity, and the make-up of the upcoming rulebook. Page four is all about spaceship combat, the possibility of Starfinder miniatures, and Paizo’s philosophy toward streamlining the rules. Page five offers tons of details on the classes and races of the game. And on page six, Sutter has a chance to compare and contrast Starfinder with some of the other big futuristic settings, like Star Wars, Firefly, and Dune. 

Enjoy the interview!

Start with page one


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