Princes of the Apocalypse #6: Dungeons and Overwatch

13 Dec

The party had defeated some “monks” in a monastery deep in the Sumber Hills. Rogue Eldritch Knight continues their tale. (-GM)

5th of Mirtul, 1491 Dale Reckoning


I spot three humanoid creatures with bestial features crouching among the brush…

So we’re a group of a bard, an eldritch knight, and a rogue. Great. Our classes could not be more different.

I sigh as we stand in the lobby of the monastery, bleeding.

“Let’s head back,” I say. The others agree rather easily. On the way back, we encounter more monsters. Because… why not? I’m watching at night, my antlers at max glow, when I hear some noises in the distance. My head shoots up sharply. I get up, uncasing my sword from my belt, looking around at the surrounding trees. Seeing nothing, I try again. I spot three humanoid creatures with bestial features crouching among the brush.

“Guys! Get up!” I call, gripping my sword tighter. I call up the storm within me to prepare a lightning breath attack. To punctuate my yell, I give a roar. Papyrus stands up. Drawing back an arrow on my bow, I release an arrow at them. Annnd I miss wildly.

Meanwhile, Papyrus pulls out his own bow. He releases, hitting one of the creatures in the shoulder. It cries out and staggers back. In the corner of my eye, I spot Immeral getting up. Then I instantly look back to Papyrus as one of the creatures throws a spear at her.

“Not again,” I say, giving a sigh. A second spear follows, both spears hitting her. Meanwhile, Immeral jumps down from his tree and begins moving towards the creatures, whom I recognize as gnolls. I draw my sword and unleash the lightning within me.


My lightning courses through the gnolls, wounding two of them. Papyrus prepares his “bardic inspiration” by breakdancing, and he fires his bow, missing. Meanwhile, the two gnolls converge on me, both missing. The other one moves towards Papyrus.

Immeral gets up, unsheathing his blades. He moves towards the gnolls I’m facing, swinging both swords. A gnoll collapses to the ground.


Then I unleash my thunder wave spells ont he gnolls. The other gnolls falls.


“It’s highhhh noon,” Papyrus says, pulling out his sword and attacking. He misses again. Immeral moves in and attacks with his swords again. The gnoll collapses, dead. We loot the bodies.

“Oh, amp it up!” Papyrus says.

“Stop it, Papyrus,” I say.

The next day, the four of us (my Fan, Immeral, me, and Papyrus) are heading back to Red Larch. Along the way, we see five dwarves.

“Hey, who are you? Why are you sneaking about?” the leader says.

“It’s a habit,” Immeral says.

“You’d better watch it,” the dwarf says. Immeral snarls at him. The dwarves walk away, clearly annoyed.

Papyrus is dancing nude. Again.

Back at Red Larch, Immeral asks if there’s anything for elves in the shop. He finds a coat, but it’s made for females (which he is not). Papyrus has gone to an armor store.

“What do you want?” the clerk asks.

“Scale mail,” Papyrus says.

“45 gold,” the clerk says.

“I uhhhh… only have 17,” Papyrus says.

“Come back when you have more money,” the clerk says, absently.

* * * * *

Papyrus is dancing nude. Again. She receives 4 gold.

I need bleach. Badly.

I go to converse with the constable. We organize a search movement to check for spies of Larrakh in Red Larch. We also gain five guards.

* * * * *

Back at the monastery, I say to the door.

“Door. (in rat) ************.” I kick it aside and charge in, sword drawn, and the command word for thunderwave escapes my lips.

I see two minotaurs (oh dear) and a monk in the room. I release thunderwave. My guard spear-attacks the minotaur, and my Fan shoots at the minotaur. Immeral and Papyrus move to attack, and Papyrus casts cloud of daggers on a minotaur. Papyrus’ guards both attack a mino. Only one hits.

“Oh, amp it UP!” Papyrus yells as she bardic inspirations me.

Now the minos are pissed, and one throws a temper tantrum, attacking a guard. The guard falls unconscious. The other one misses as he attacks my guard. Then I get kicked and hit the mino with my greataxe twice.

“Die, die, die!” I yell. I wound the mino, hurting it bad. My fan swings his sword at the wounded one, so does my guard, but he misses. Immeral’s guard attacks the mino with a spear, missing. Then Immeral swings his swords and hits. Papyrus uses thunderwave on a minotaur.

“I’ve got you in my sights,” she yells. The guards attack the minotaur meanwhile. The monk attacks a guard and hits, knocking the guard out. Meanwhile the minotaur is stabbed by Papyrus’ spell. The minotaur throws another fit and knocks me out, and blackness consumes everything…

* * * * *

I slowly wake to the words,

“Heroes never die!” I head to the constable and talk to him.

“Where’s Bill, Ted, Tim, and Wompus?” he asks.

“Dead or captured,” I say.


At the monastery, I see two minotaurs (oh dear) and a monk in the room.

“This is dire news,” he responds.

A guard comes from downstairs and says, “Constable, constable!” he has a journal with the Elder Elemental Eye symbol on it.

* * * * *

We’re heading back to the mountains and get a random encounter. Greeeat. We’re walking along the fields when we spot some wolves coming at us.

“It’s highhh noon” and “Oh, amp it UP!” Papyrus says. She fires and inspires herself.

I also longbow the wolves, and action surge using magic missile.

“Die, die, die!” I say. One wolf falls. Then Immeral shoots the other wolf, killing it. I lightning breath it.

“Pass into the iris…” I yell.

-Rogue Eldritch Knight (Joaquin)


Caballero, high elven rogue 3
Isaac, gnome druid 3

Immeral Liadon, high elven rogue 3
Papyrus, half-elven bard 4
Rogue Eldritch Knight, dragonborn fighter 3

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