Age of Worms #11: Double Dealing

02 Dec

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party defeated a group of wizards in a complex behind the kobolds’ maze. The monster they were trying to raise in the pool came forth and attacked Diamond Lake. The sage Eruztan led the defense of Diamond Lake and revealed to the party that he is one of the fugitive Heroes of Westcrown, Ezren. The party magus, Hans Grüber, narrates. (-GM)

29th day of Gozran, 4741 AR


Artist’s rendition of the foul beast that attacked Diamond Lake

The city was ruined.

Many had fled, hidden or died in the wake of the risen abomination. The mine owners fled the scene, knowing that when the times get tough, the smart get going. But bigger problems were on the horizon. The Cheliax army was heading in to stabilize things and with a few questions they could reveal us as someone who could be blamed. I shuddered to image the treatment they would put us through if they caught us. So naturally, we resolved to not let that happen.

The first thing we needed to do was get money and allies. The mine owners had left with some of their valuables, but they didn’t have time to grab everything. Smenk, our ally in the past, had left some golems to defend “his property.” However, we saw things differently. The party slipped into the mansion ground easily enough, then attacked the golems. They were strong, but slow and dumb. We simply had Ensorcella, our greatest defender, take the blows off of her powerful armor for us. They never thought to stop attacking our most defensive member! The new turtle, Cheese or whatever his name is (Herbert –Ed.), helped out as well, proving that he was much more useful than his predecessor.

After destroying the machines, we began to loot the mansion. But others wanted a piece of our good fortune, and tried to get a bit of the loot. We set up members at all entrances, while having the others continue the looting. However we knew we couldn’t hold out for long, so we played both groups against each other. We gave the city guards a small share and our assurances that no items would be stolen, and we paid the miners to stay away and not draw attention.

Some dorf, a close relative of our dorf, or at least I thought… I can’t tell the hairy bastards apart. In my opinion a good dorf is a dead dorf, but  “Civilized Society” disagreed with me on this point. Anyway the dorf, very ugly, small hands, not smart, very dorfish, said that he had been doing more research into the green worms. I was shocked that the dorf knew common, as most of their kind have brains about the size of a gram of cheese. In fact I believe that our resident cheese was more intelligent than most dorfs. But I digress. (I don’t know who he’s talking about. Anyway, Ezren the wizard referred the party to Mazrena, a wizard at Blackwall Keep, who might know more about green worms and strange beasts. Also, Ensorcella’s foster father Harsk, had been investigating the source of the green worms in the Barrowood, which is near the Keep. –Ed.)



On our way to the Keep with Ezren, we fought a dire crocodile and its babies… Perhaps a relative of cheese? We would never know, as he was small and weak, barely worthy of note. In fact I shouldn’t have mentioned him at all. Speaking of something that I don’t like to mention: Dorfs. What’s the deal with dorfs? Anyway we arrived with only that small instance slowing us down. But suddenly, as the group began to near, Harsk approached and fell before us. Knowing dorfs, he had probably drunk a bit too much ale. But when I looked closer, I saw something horrible. Worms, dozens of them, were crawling on and inside him. Harsk looked close to death, so Ezren grabbed him and teleported away.

Eventually we reached Blackwall Keep. We decided to defuse the situation between the humans there and the lizardfolk. Hopefully, we could make allies out of both of them. Deep down, I knew that would never happen…. Roger and I sneaked into the Keep and found out that Mazrena had been kidnapped by the lizardfolk. We tried to negotiate with some of the Lizardfolk, who told us that “the humans” were planting green worms on their eggs. They were scared of their leader, but we convinced them to send an envoy. We then heard a scream. Their leader sent some of his lizardfolk to attack us. We fought with them for a long and brutal time…

-Hans Grüber (Zack)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 4
Hans Grüber, elven magus 5
Noway Amagonadaithisthyme, oread ranger 5
Roger, human slayer 4
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 5

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