Princes of the Apocalypse #5: Among the Sumber Hills

23 Nov

In our bard Papyrus’ next chapter, our heroes track down the earth cultists to a hidden monastery in the Sumber Hills.. (-GM)

25th of Tarsakh, 1491 Dale Reckoning


It was so foggy that we did not see the ankheg until it was ten feet in front of us…

Crack. The lock opened. We all pushed open the coffin. It creaked, and the old wood splintered, as we strained to open it up. The rotting body had been in there for a few weeks now. Bugs and worms squiggled out oft he empty eye sockets. His skull looked damaged and cracked, as if it had been hit repeatedly with a bludgeoning object. He was one of the duke’s guards from the delegation from Mirabar that went missing, and was supposed to parade around with the duke. People suspected the delegation had been stopped, but up until now people had not really known what had happened.

The three other graves contained another member of the delegation, a corpse in brown robes and a corpse in white robes: each one in as bad or worse of a condition as the first. The party was sent up here to investigate the site, and we had a theory of who did it: the hooded figures. Caballero stood near me and squinted his eyes while looking at the ground. He was concentrating really hard. I slowly walked up behind him.

“What do you see?” I said. He jumped around startled. He was too concentrated to see me approaching.

“Footsteps,” he replied.

At first, I did not see it, but then, as I scanned the path ahead, I saw a few footsteps scattered here and there. Whoever’s footsteps it was, was trying as best they could to cover it up. Caballero seemed to have a better sense of them then I did. I glanced back at the other members. They seemed unaware and lost in their own world, so me and Caballero hopped on the horses and left.

It was a murky and cloudy day. Fog covered the mountains and valleys. It was so foggy that we did not see the ankheg until it was ten feet in front of us. When I saw the figure approach me, my immediate reaction was to draw my bow, but before I had time green spit flew out of its mouth. I slid to the side of my horse to dodge the blast, but I slid too much and found myself falling. Quickly in midair, my hands flailed desperately for something to grab.

Bam. My hand smacked a metal surface, and I grabbed it. I looked up. I was grabbing on to the foothold of my horse’s satchel. And there I hung. My feet were only 3 feet away from the ground, and as I was about to hop off, a green blob of acid hit my horse. He whined as the acid sunk in to his skin. He was mad. I knew what he was about to do and I could not stop what he was about to do. The horse let out a roar of anger and stood up on his hind legs while kicking his front ones. I was raised higher into the air, still dangling. If I let go now I might end up with a few broken bones.

Thud. The horse slammed his front legs back on the ground. A ripple of motion went through my body, and I was left anticipating what was going to happen next. The horse charged at the ankheg, and I could no longer hold on. I was blown back into the wind, and landed hard on my back. I stared up at the gray fog, listening to my breath. It came out in jagged segments. I wanted to lie there forever, but I got up and rose to my feet. The ankheg let out a victorious belch as Caballero fell to the ground.

“Heroes never die,” I called out, and moved my hands in synchronized patterns. Caballero jumped to his feet and sliced through the ankheg’s stomach. Roar! The ankheg’s victory song was cut off by a sharp and glimmering longsword and a sickening slice. And there we saw it… the greatest discovery of the adventure yet, but we had to head back to the rest of the party, for we had a lot of explaining to do.


The leader and one of his guards in plate armor retreated further back into the monastery.

We returned to Red Larch and, with the rest of the party, we headed back to the site where a great monastery loomed in a hidden canyon. Through the windows, we saw more of those brown-hooded figures roaming.

Hesitantly, I pulled the door handle and said, “A believer approaches.” Through the peephole I saw a brilliant lit eye.

“State your presence,” the voice commanded.

“We are new members, we were recently recruited,” Rogue Knight said. They were suspicious, and they said they had to consult their leader before letting us in.

Boom. Rogue Knight tried to bash the door open, but unfortunately we gave the figures time to prepare, and by the time the door was open they had their swords drawn. We crowded in the doorway and drew our weapons. I stayed in the back to prevent myself from getting hurt. I cast a cloud of daggers around the leader, and kept casting. The leader and one of his guards in plate armor retreated further back into the monastery. The battle continued, me casting spells and my friends slashing their swords until finally, and the last hooded figure before us fell.

-Papyrus (Silas)


Caballero, high elven rogue 3
Isaac, gnome druid 3

Immeral Liadon, high elven rogue 3
Papyrus, half-elven bard 3
Rogue Eldritch Knight, dragonborn fighter 3

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