D&D Battle Royale!

21 Nov

battle-royaleIn December, we will have a little contest. It is still an idea in progress, but here are the basics:

  • It will be ALL AGAINST ALL.
  • Everyone will make Level 4 D&D characters. (Remember, if you only play Pathfinder then doing this will earn you the 10XP “Dual” bonus)
  • If you survive one arena (see below), then in the next round your character advances to Level 6 (then to Level 8 and so on)
  • I will make the first arena. I am open to ideas, and people can earn XP for helping with future arenas.
  • This rule will mitigate against ganging up on players: If Character A is attacked by Character B, then Character A is safe against all other characters until everyone is attacked by a character.
  • Tell me now if you want to play. I will close sign-ups at a certain point so I can structure the tournament.
  • If we have more than 6 contestants (very likely), then there will be semifinals (and possibly quarterfinals) before the championship arena. Each such pre-championship round will reward advancement to X surviving players (X will be determined after I structure the tournament).
  • The prize for winning the Champion’s Belt will mean you will have won a total of 35 XP.

The Pathfinder RPG Tournament will proceed as planned next semester.


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