Rappan Athuk #31: Purple Worms and Ominous Portents

04 Nov

The gargantuan creature rose up out of the ground over in a far corner of the cavern.

In this installment, the party takes on the purple worms they had avoided earlier and tries to reach the chambers beyond… (-GM)

15th day of Lamashan, 4717 AR

After returning home, we made a quick group decision to go try to take down one of the fearsome plum-colored worms. On the way, we killed an Ooze that would split every time we shot it. Monkey would jump in and punch the thing to death. Finally, we arrived at the huge dreaded cave of the purple worms. Monkey jumped to the pile of garbage in the middle and promptly sat down. The rest of the party advanced more warily. The gargantuan creature rose up out of the ground over in a far corner of the cavern. Due to its large size, it moved slowly… slowly enough for us to chip away at its health before it even engaged in combat. Eventually, the brave horse Orion was picked up in the monster’s jaws and cut again and again. At some point the poor horse fell unconscious, but we killed the horrible creature before Orion was killed.

Valestar revived the horse. We decided to go to the wererat area and attack them to take their treasure. We charged in and started slaying them (pun fully intended) while Valestar sat on the side in a useless moral dilemma due to his paladin code of honor. Then one of the rats threw a bag of powder at us. It made us all cough and take tons of damage. This was enough to make Valestar charge into battle. He cleaned up the remaining rats and took their treasure. We then returned to explore the purple worm cave (A.K.A The Cave). And, of course, there was another purple worm. We killed this one even quicker and found a door at the back of the cavern.

The door led us through a series of triangular shaped rooms. We fought priests of Orcus and a huge slime with bones in its middle. After several of these strange shaped rooms we came to a room with a floating skull in the middle. It said it would answer one of our questions because knowledge was blah blah blah. We asked it about its origins and it explained that it was placed here to guard the “Vault.” It said that the “Vault” contained an evil older than Orcus that would destroy everything if it were unleashed. Apparently its spawn escaped a while back via the well and wreaked havoc for years before being shoved back into its well. The scary part was that we had considered going down into that well and if we did it would have been certain death. We pondered what we should do for awhile but I am afraid that I must return to the group discussion and must cease writing.

-Death from Even Farther Away (Paul)


BlungyBooce, vanaran pistolero gunslinger 7
Death from Even Farther Away, tiefling slayer 7 / magus 1
Lone Wolf, human samurai 8
Monkey, vanara zen-archer monk 9
Shia Labeouf, merman bard 7
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 9

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