Age of Worms #9: The Adventures of Mack

03 Nov

After slaughtering many of the grimlocks beneath Smenk’s new mine, the party continued exploring its cavernous depths. The party magus, Hans Grüber, tells their story. (-GM)

24th day of Gozran, 4741 AR


One of the grimlocks, a powerful mage, lobbed spells at us from afar.

I awoke form my drunken slumber with a new sense of purpose. I had been lazy as of late and I needed to start stepping it up. Ensorcella, however, was not as up to the challenge as me. When she cast her first spell in the morning, a wild surge overcame her and knocked her out. We carried her home and then continued on without her. However, at that moment I glimpsed our newest turtle. Gruyere was his name, and he held many similarities to his namesake, including but not limited to her scent and appearance. But, I knew I had to be kind to the poor creature, as his master insisted on calling him by his slave name, “Mack.” We were hesitant to let this continue but there was nothing we could do to stop this abuse.

However, I digress. We journeyed to the grimlock caves, searching for any survivors of the previous genocide. The scene was forever scarred into sad little Mack. There, up ahead, we saw an odd glow. We wondered if it could be the rare wild surges that had been occurring as of late. I was scared of the stuff myself, as it could have consequences ranging from good, to mediocre, to horrible. The party pressed on, ignoring its fears of the strange light. Finally, in the chamber ahead we saw our unfortunate victims. Mack tried to retreat, but Noway beat him until he complied. Once again the rest of us were appalled at his behavior, but now was neither the time nor the place to bring up such concerns. One of the grimlocks, a powerful mage, lobbed spells at us from afar. To negate this ability, Sunaki covered us with fog to confuse the warlock. Sadly, he and his minions were not so easily put off.

They somehow managed to sneak up to us, surrounding Noway and beating on his armor. And, although I disprove of the man’s cruel methods, his overall tactics worked. The weaklings were unable to touch him. The Warlock, who had eyeballs sewn into his sockets, was not happy about this, casting spell after spell at the party. However, the ending was certain from the start, and minutes later the final grimlock fell. We discovered the mage to be Grallak Kur, a grimlock whom the Ebon Triad trusted highly. We knew then that his death would not go unnoticed. Suddenly, as Sunaki healed the party, a surge of wild energy spread outwards from him, and while we only learned this later, it ruined all caloric value of food within a mile. Unintentionally, he had started a famine.

Afterwards, we left the grimlock cave. Mack was quite pleased with his performance, even if his master was not. In Grallak’s notes, we heard of raising a champion from an accursed pool.


Once again striding forward, the party was suddenly attacked by kobolds from both sides…

Once again, we were on the case. Down into the cult mine we went, exploring areas that we had not thought of before. As we went onwards, Noway noticed a subtlety-hidden trap within the floor and walls. I was astonished by how the man could go from a calloused brute to an intellectual so fast. Roger, our slayer, wanted to disable the trap but he had not the tools. So, Noway switched back to an aggressive tactic. He slammed on the floor and walls, scattering out kobolds hidden within. He engaged them alone and unprepared as the others called for a retreat. But, sadly he was on the warpath and nothing could dissuade him. Luckily, once the rest of us stepped in, the tides turned, even in our disadvantageous position. Finally, we beat them as well. Once again striding forward, the party was suddenly attacked from both sides.Could the party take such a fight and live to tell the tale? The future….was not clear…

-Hans Grüber (Zack)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 4
Hans Grüber, elven magus 4
Noway Amagonadai, oread ranger 4
Roger, human slayer 4
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 4

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