Princes of the Apocalypse #4: Breakthrough

01 Nov


The party’s explorations of the area surrounding Red Larch get interrupted by events in their own backyard. The bard Papyrus tells our tale. (-GM)

19th of Tarsakh, 1491 Dale Reckoning

I played a joyful melody on my flute, as we headed back to Red Larch. It was a beautiful day, sun shining. From the hill I saw a nice view of the town. And then I heard something. It sounded like a baby cry.

“Yeah I hear that,” I say. “Looks like a kid didn’t get the toy he wanted.” Already from this mountain, I saw a lot of humans crowding around the central square. They looked like tiny ants.

“You see those guys down there,” I said. “Something’s going on.”

We filed into the main square of Red Larch, trying to squeeze through the crowd to see what was going on. Finally it came into view: a hole had opened up in the middle of the town where last night was solid ground. In the hole there was a little baby, separated from his parent. Over the audience’s loud panicked voices I stated, “Fear not, for Papyrus will save this lone child.”


They headed into a dark and mysterious place, the quarry…

I jumped in. Thud. My armor crashed against the ground. The other adventurers followed my lead and jumped into the hole after me. To my surprise, a door was carved into the pit. While others worked on getting the baby out of the pit, I squinted my eyes and tried to look for symbols on the door, and before I knew it I found myself drifting toward it.

“Wait!” a suspicious looking man said, “That looks dangerous.” He gestured over to what I was doing. The party turned to me.

“Something is up with that guy,” I whispered to the party. “He is sweating like a hot dog in the middle of the savanna desert. I know a dude scared s***less when I see one,” I said. The man dashed out of the crowd. We chased after him, but by the time we were out of the crowd he was nowhere to be seen.

Sure enough, that night we saw him again but this time he was not alone. Three other shadowy figures stood at his side. I tracked them through the dead of night. They headed into a dark and mysterious place, the quarry.

As the four people’s whispers echoed through the vast land, me and my group planned on what to do. In the glimpse of an eye, I saw one branch off into the dark shadows. We were losing him. I took initiative and followed after him, barely able to make out his silhouette. After passing through windy turns I got to a clear path. Him in clear sight, I drew my bow. He slipped into darkness. I shot blindly, guessing his location.

Fling. At the sound of my bowshot, he turned around startled, and gasped. My arrow hit him right in the stomach. I saw the fear and anger in his eyes as he looked up at me, gasping for breath.

“You!” he started, but hunched over in pain when he started to speak. Then I saw the shiny light of blood, pouring out at a really fast speed. He stumbled over to me, trying to stay alive. He slowly approached me, opened his mouth to speak, and then collapsed to the ground. I saw the intense light leave his eyes as the last of his life slipped away.

As I ran back to the main path, I saw a glint of light and heard a clash of weapons. When I arrived I saw the party in a battle with the dark figures. They lay on the ground as the party dragged off the survivor to our tomb that we had cleared of a ghost recently.

I stood in the corner and watched as the interrogation began. With a dagger an inch away from the man’s chin, the man spoke. His name was Elak Dornen, and he owned Dornen Finestone, one of the quarries. We found out about an oracle who was forcing this dude to do bad things. He drew us a map to a dungeon that the door leads to.

The next day, we opened the door to that dungeon feeling more prepared than ever.


Far into the dungeon walked 12 hooded men in brown robes…

There we saw them. In the last room of the dungeon walked 12 hooded men in brown robes, seeming surprised when we busted through the door. As the combat started as my peers rushed into the doorway drawing their weapons, I stayed behind them and pulled on my supernatural energy. Thunder clapped and shook the enemy. Dizzily, the hooded figures charged at me, but their swords bounced off my armor. I rolled under their feet and came up with a sword at one’s throat. He hit it out of my hand and shoved me against the wall. As I hit the wall the air was knocked out of my lungs.

I drew my bow and tried to aim, but my vision was spinny. I shot and hit one in the arm. He turned to me, looking more pissed than angered. He lunged at me. I tried my best to roll out of the way, but he caught the back of my shirt.

He started to speak. “I am going to–” A silver pointed object went through his belly. Shank. My friend ripped the sword out of his body as the hooded guy fell to the ground. I looked past his dead body and saw the rest of the hooded dudes lying on the ground.

-Papyrus (Silas)

What he called “The Eye”


Caballero, high elven rogue 2
Isaac, gnome druid 3

Immeral Liadon, high elven rogue 2
Papyrus, half-elven bard 3
Rogue Knight, dragonborn fighter 2

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