Rappan Athuk #30: A Rather Benevolent Adventure

24 Oct

In a Missing Chapter of our tale, our party of heroes descended down into a new level of Rappan Athuk and ran screaming from a gargantuan purple worm. Good times. (-GM)

10th day of Lamashan, 4717 AR


But before the main group was able to advance to inspect the wider hallway, Monkey yelped, ran back, and fired an arrow into a pitch-black skeleton that had run out…

By Sarenrae, it has been quite a time since I have updated this journal. I need to remember to write down our adventures, seeing as we could all die very abruptly one day, and whoever comes after us should know what to expect of The Dungeon of Graves.

Anyway, on to the story. We have a new member, a dwarf named Neoveskirian and his loyal elemental of earth Arvnevurr. The dwarf does not fight much: he believes that offense is inferior and defense will always be a tactically superior way to approach combat. An interesting mindset, one I don’t find myself agreeing with, mostly because if I had only defended, I may have not been able to slay that evil antipaladin skeleton Saracek, or the pestilence demons, or the many evil mages we have had the chance to happen upon. To counter that, I may have also been able to save Death From Afar, or Lily, or Drun Ken Sayler, or Vv. Oh, how their deaths weigh on my soul.

Back to the tale. We decided to investigate a door we had found a long time ago, the one with a wretched demon face, a circle and a square. Myself and D.F.E.F.A. were the only ones able to moves the sigils, possibly due to the fact that we are the only individuals able to use magic. I practice the divine art, while D.F.E.F.A. uses an arcane spell book to cast his spells. We were able to open the foreboding-looking gate, and found a dark hallway that widened ahead. But before the main group was able to advance to inspect it, Monkey yelped, ran back, and fired an arrow into a pitch-black skeleton that had run out of the wider area. I called for Sarenrae’s guidance, spurred Orion, and we charged into battle.

We saw three more, and myself and Lone Wolf (not very Lone I see), on our mighty steeds, charged them and were able to smash one before it was able to react. The other three clawed at Orion, but he was too agile and dodged their blows. Then our faithful ranged death dealers, Monkey and D.F.E.F.A. took down another, while Blungy Booce fired bullets at the remaining undead horror. The sound of gunfire brought back memories of our fallen gunslingers, and I smashed the last mindless abomination. I healed Lone Wolf, who had taken a few glancing hits from the vile skeletons.

We followed the passageway, and after quite a time, the tunnel turned to rough-cut stone, and we heard voices up ahead speaking Giant. We came around the corner to find a group of Ogres milling about, complaining about their dislike of lamb (which is quite delicious, to be frank), and they immediately turned and grabbed their weapons when they saw us. We tried to negotiate with them, but they decided to throw javelins at us, and we drew our weapons and fought back, dropping two with arrows and smashing hoof blows from Orion.


D.F.E.F.A. took a shot at it, and it split into two smaller oozes…

We soon had them all dead, and we found a collection of sacks, some radiating magical auras, some smelling foul. We found a magical rusty crowbar, a magical longsword, and a strongly magical cloak among other things. We decided to investigate a tunnel that branched off from the main living area of the Ogres, and found a small room with a small pond taking up most of it. I donned the Helm of Underwater Action that we had found a long while ago and swam around, to find nothing but some dirt at the bottom. We saw a small hallway leading out of the room to the left, but decided that we could explore that another day, and returned home.

On the way, however, in what we named “The Gut,” (an miles-long hallway that seems fit for an army to march down) we were suddenly cloaked in darkness. Magical darkness, because myself, D.F.E.F.A., and Nioveskirian can see in normal dark. I felt a claw hit my breastplate and knew this was some sort of demon hailing from the depths of the Abyss. I cursed it and all demons like it, and slashed at it with my holy sword. It spouted a vile curse in Abyssal, and I felt it grow farther. I then used my ability to create light, the talent I have had since I was but a child, and we all saw it to be what I had thought: a vile demon floating above the ground. Lone Wolf challenged it and slashed it with his katana, while D.F.E.F.A. and Monkey peppered it with arrows.

It looked weak, and just as I was about to deal the finishing blow to the foul beast, it used its dishonorable and cowardly ability to create magical darkness to render us blind, again. Then, the darkness lifted and we were in an empty hallway again, fairly confused and still battle ready. We moved on, this time much more cautiously.

When we arrived at our house, Shia Labeouf was ready to identify the magical items we had found. We had found a +1 Keen Longsword, an Immovable Rod, and a Mantle of Faith. We sold the mantle and the longsword, but kept the Immovable Rod because it could be used to traverse a large gap, among other uses, and it is something that could come in very useful.

Upon returning to the dungeon, we went down the hallway and went through a door. D.F.E.F.A. noticed a row of holes in the ceiling, which looked to be connected to a pressure plate about five feet past it. We had D.F.E.F.A., being the only one any good with thieves’ tools, disable it, and then to see what would happen, we triggered it. A row of metal bars slammed down, closing off the dead end with the pressure plate. Suddenly, the wall behind us shuddered down, and a black ooze squelched out, a foul smell accompanying it. D.F.E.F.A. took a shot at it, and it split into two smaller oozes. I realized that this was a dangerous black pudding, and we decided to retreat.

We went to Nerosyan (the capital), to sell the items we had found and enchant and enhance our weapons.

We then decided to explore the wilderness, and after a couple of hours of roaming, we discovered a web-filled cave entrance. Lone Wolf lit the webs on fire, and we heard some screeching from inside, and a group of giant spiders came out and were met with steel and arrows. They charged out, but myself Orion, Lone Wolf and his horse were on either side of the cave, and we were able to kill two before they could run ten feet. The remaining skittered over to Nioveskirian, and they bit into his armor while he laughed at their inability to hurt him. I shook my head at his nonsense, and trotted over on Orion and dispatched them with two quick slashes and a hoof or two.

This is all I have time to write. Shia is yelling at me that we need to go kill some more stuff.

Goodbye for now,


Death from Even Farther Away, tiefling slayer 7 / magus 1
Lone Wolf, human samurai 7
Monkey, vanara zen-archer monk 7
Shia Labeouf, merman bard 7
Thoren, dwarven witch 7
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 9

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