Princes of the Apocalypse #3: Not Dead, Not Forgotten

07 Oct

Since we last left our heroes, they met a guard, Caballero, who wanted to join in the treasure hunting. Isaac continues their tale. (-GM)

17th of Tarsakh, 1491 Dale Reckoning



The “Lord of Lance Rock”

We started at market day at Red Larch and Immeral bought some tofu and some soy milk and one chicken by somebody saying “chick-en” for double the cost. While buying the chickens, a girl came up to him and said he was a criminal (his background) but he said he was not a criminal. She also said that she saw a ghost. Then Rogue Knight had to say that Papyrus could not come do her show (he wasn’t around) so he had to say that she was injured and people offered to do things to help but he said no.

The Rock Again

Then we went to Lance Rock again and found a secret passage which led to a peephole and 2 iron chests and I walked at the chest and a trap sprang and I fell into a pit. After that, I went to the chests which were (surprise surprise) empty and we found the same skeletons that we killed a day ago. We chatted, had tea, a couple biscuits and insulted and killed them by totally psyching them out by shooting them in the back and me running across the battle field as a dog to heal somebody. Then we followed the passageway till we found an altar of arms. The nuts dragonborn (Rogue Knight) ran up to it to hug it and the lord stepped out of the shadows and knocked out the Rogue Knight with his wand of magic missile. His last words were “Protect the flute!” We then killed the lord by surrounding him and stabbing and shooting him to death and I healed Rogue Knight. Then we looted the guy and I took his wand of magic missiles.


Then we went back to town and then went to the place where the ghost was. It chatted and tried to kill Rogue Knight, and we fled to Red Larch and got some solders and ran back to kill it. This time when we chatted it almost killed Rogue Knight and then something really funny happened:  in a coffin we found a body with a sword on a dead body’s chest and Rogue Knight hugged it but the sword was a trap and it knocked Rogue Knight unconscious before we killed it. Then we went back to town but Rogue Knight almost got killed by 2 gargoyles because he carried the coffin back (he had to ditch it.



What he called “The Eye”


Caballero, high elven rogue 2
Isaac, gnome druid 2

Immeral Liadon, high elven rogue 2
Papyrus, half-elven bard 2
Rogue Knight, dragonborn fighter 2

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