Princes of the Apocalypse #2: Lance Rock

03 Oct

skeletonThe party investigates a rumor about a nearby pillar of rock, where they find a cave complex. The party druid, Isaac, tells their tale. (-GM)

15th of Tarsakh, 1491 Dale Reckoning

Getting info

After capturing 5 bandits, we slept the night and then woke up and talked to some kids of Ysatri Tarnlar and her husband. At first they talked over each other, so we brought them to separate corners and they told us that a dwarf said that there was a plague at Lance Rock. The kids were given 12 gp. and 1 sp in total each and Papyrus tried to give them a dagger (twice).

Day one at Lance Rock

We walked for 3 hours to Lance Rock and then saw 2 signs which said ‘’Do not go any farther or pick up the plague that inflicts me.” Signed, the Lord of Lance Rock.  We then met a zombie in a room all by itself and then we killed it a second time. We then battled two more zombies and they had a heavy box with them and we killed them with help from a thunder wave from Papyrus. We found out that the box carried …   Nothing! Then we went back to town for day 2 of zombie killing.

Day two of zombie killing

We went back to Lance Rock and found a river that split. One way went to the left and one way went to the right. We went left and found 3 more zombies looking to join the fun and they fell down like the rest. We then found another room with 3 skeletons that looked dead and some rocks. We charged in and the skeletons attacked us and they took a trip down memory lane by dying again.

We found the lord!!!

We went down the other tunnel and found a big room with 5 skeletons and 1 zombie with a cloak on and the lord. The lord said we would die and then ran away. Then we attacked the zombie in a cloak and then sniped down the skeletons and made an explosion by throwing a torch at their feet and making it explode with dragon breath. Then we went back to town.

Red Larch, sweet Red Larch

We wrapped up the session with Papyrus having a show at a bar called The Helm and remembering “Rats, we forgot to loot the dungeon.’’ We ended this swell session with one day left until the farmers came to town and had some Level ups!!!



Isaac, gnome druid 2
Immeral Liadon, high elven rogue 2
Papyrus, half-elven bard 2
Rogue Knight, dragonborn fighter 1

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