The Guild very likely begins Monday, October 3

02 Oct


The reason the class didn’t happen last Wednesday was because BUSD found out at the last minute that I have to get a new health clearance. If I pass my health clearance on Monday morning, then we should be good to go!

UPDATE: Argh! There are MORE steps that the District must do to finalize my contract! So we didn’t hold class on Monday. I will let you know when I get a confirmation from King about our actual start date. 😡

Also, folks should note the changed schedule this school year, and the new attendance process. It is very important that all students sign in at the amphitheater first, so that the school knows that we have a lot of students who take Tabletop RPG and so that it should continue supporting the class.

Immediately after school: meet at amphitheater, sign in for class, then walk together to Room 102
Mondays the class is 3:15-5:35pm
Wednesdays the class is 2:25-5:35pm

-Your Diligent and Generous Grandmaster

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