Rappan Athuk #28: The Tomb of Saracek

22 Sep

saracekDeath from Even Farther Away continues telling the party’s tale exploring the deadly dungeon Rappan Athuk. (-GM)

25th day of Lamashan, 4716 AR

Today, we start our adventure in the second level of Rappan Athuk. We were exploring rooms and such when we came to a door with a lot of squeaking behind it. We assumed the worst and formed into what is now famously known among crusaders, as The Rat Strat ©. We opened the door…

So after we killed them all we went into the next room. It was filled with carpentry stuff and nails. We took some and walked forward. The next room had some huge ogres inside, which looked like toys to us. Once they had all been turned into corpses, we opened a door in the back of the room. It appeared to be a sleeping chamber for the ogres. There was a rough tunnel coming out of the left-hand wall and we followed it to a cavern with two paths leading out. One to the right, one to the left. They were both too steep to explore so we left.

The party walked down a hallway until they came to a very decorated door. It took all of my Disable Device modifiers to open it. Inside was a hallway that looked like no one had trespassed in many years. *swing* On the walls of the hallway there were frescos of a valiant hero doin’ stuff and then turnin’ bad. He had a huge sword that was dark and stuff. *swing* Sorry, I just had a personality swing. I am having them more and more as I become stronger.

Anyways, the beautiful frescoes showed images of of a hero being corrupted by darkness. In the final panel, he prays to an altar and a dark shadow hovers above him. At the end of the 20-foot hallway is another door, much like the first. Just before we can move in to unlock the door, three skeletons with very familiar black bones came up behind us. We turned and the battle began. Each blow Valestar endured his arms drooped more with the weight of his sword. Soon he had gotten so weak that he had become *swing* FREAKING USELESS! I had to shove him out of the way so I could get a clear shot. So yeah, I killed them pretty quick after he moved his lazy ass out of the way! *swing* We had to rest for awhile so that Valestar and the other wounded could regain their strength. We fought 2 more off, but this time things went faster because I had a better shot. It was then time to explore the fancy doors.

We quickly Appraised their value before moving in to open the second door. It was just as difficult but after 10 minutes or so I was able to open it. Valestar had been able to detect that there was a high-level caster in there making a ring against good. He stepped in first and I followed with the rest of the party behind me or on the walls. The second that Valestar could see Saracek, he smote evil on him at the same time he smote good on Valestar. Then with sword drawn, Saracek started his attack on Valestar. Saracek brought him down to very low health and we just barely managed to beat him. His dark longsword was heavily enchanted and very powerful looking. There were all sorts of valuable items strewn around the room, from rugs to paintings. In the back there was a trapped chest which contained a powerful Tome of Wisdom. There was also a glowing shield that was quite valuable as well. Overall there was an absolute *swing* CRAP-TON OF MUULA!!! *swing*

We took the rugs and other valuables and loaded them onto our horses. We even grabbed the doors on our way out. We went straight to the capital to sell our winnings but the +2 unholy wounding greatsword only sold for 15,000gp because they only wanted it to destroy it. With all of Thorin’s loans returned, he was one rich witch (*****).

Signing off,
DFEFA (Death from Even Farther Away, Paul)


Death from Even Farther Away, tiefling slayer 7
Lone Wolf, human samurai 7
Monkey, vanara zen-archer monk 7
Thoren, dwarven witch 7
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 9

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