Age of Worms #6: Intrigue in Diamond Lake

19 Sep

After finding that Balabar Smenk had hired Filge to investigate the cultists dabbling with worm-infested undead, the party decided to make Smenk’s mission their own. Hans Grüber continues their tale. (-GM)

19th day of Gozran, 4741 AR


Balabar Smenk.
“And just like that, we were back on the trail. ..”

So many questions, so few answers. We needed information, so we went to the biggest man we knew: Balabar Smenk. We told him about Filge and how we were ready to carry on his comrade’s work. All we needed was a push in the right direction. He told us about Ragnolin Dourstone, a fellow mine owner, who had once shown him a cultist area beneath the mine. That was where he had gotten the jar with the green worm and gotten suspicious.

And just like that, we were back on the trail.

However, as we traveled through town, we saw guards in high numbers roaming the street. They asked Noway to lower his weapon, but all he did was mock them and try to argue to the point where he almost attacked them. It was frightening to see him fly into such a rage over such a simple thing. Eventually, they took him away in irons to the inquisition. The rest of us carried on, determined to figure out what was going on.


In the forest, we found an altar and a heretical shrine. We believed it belonged to worshipers of Gyronna, the goddess of wronged women and discord.

When questioned, guards revealed that a Woman of the night at the Feral Dog was murdered, and they needed help investigating. We found some torn black cloth and footprints leading deep into the woods. There, we found a clearing with an altar and a heretical shrine. We believed it belonged to worshipers of Gyronna, the goddess of wronged women and discord. Then goblins appeared, attacking us with their dogs and swords. They ran and ran after we showed them what we could do, but in the end they died swiftly.

We tried to talk to the Madam of the murdered woman, asking if she could tell us who might want to hurt her. However, she feared for own life if she did, and when we tried to convince her to stay with us, She said, “Wait, That house by the lake? It’s on Fire!”

We ran home to find the top floor ablaze. Once it died down, Ensorcella realized all of her gold was missing! Thievery and arson? Why?!

Through a miracle of tracking, the party narrowed the location down to one of two places: Our “Friend” Balabar, or his neighbor Ganstone.

First we questioned Balabar, but he seemed genuine in having no idea.  So then it must be Chaum Gansworth.

At nightfall, we sent Ensorcella to play the role of a prostitute in order to sneak our way in to Gansworth’s mansion. She tried to stealthily disable him but he resisted, calling his guards. No one wanted to kill the other, for it would be hard to explain to the Constable, but at the same time we needed that gold. Finally, after almost killing some guards and almost being killed myself, they surrendered. We asked for the gold, but Gansworth claimed he did not have it.

Suddenly, a knock on the door. His wife, home early from her ladies event. She tried to open the door but I slammed it on her, but instead of being confused she called straight for the city troops. We had to do this fast. Ensorcella wanted revenge for the Arson, so she burned down part of his home, leaving the staff and lord of the house to run.  The group was barely able to escape undetected. As we left, we told him we had come on behalf of the cultist Dourstone, hoping to drive Balabar and Ganstone together against him.


(Ragnolin Dourstone)
We hired Dourstone’s former workers to give us maps, hints, and help into the secret elevator.

We put all the clues together with a little more help, and realized that Ganstone’s wife had hired the Cult of Gyronna to kill the prostitute that was stealing her husband’s heart. We imprisoned the wench and went off the fight the witches. We hid in the trees and popped out when Sunaki began an amazing performance of “Ocean Man.” More than half were stunned by its beauty, while we charged in and attacked. Once again it was a close fight, but evil can never triumph over good while we live. We also found their leader’s journal that tied her to the cult. We took back the payment made from Ensorcella’s gold, and once again all seemed well….

But we had one more task: to attack the Dourstone Cultists and stop them once and for all. End of the line. We hired his former workers to give us maps, hints, and help into the secret elevator. Ensorcella and I made the slow descent into the darkness below, ready for whatever we would face. A forward guard, a kobold, stopped us and than ran when we killed his friend.

With backup on the way, the real fight was about to begin.

– Hans Grüber (Zack)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 3
Hans Grüber, elven magus 3
Noway Amagonadai, oread ranger 3
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 3

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