Age of Worms #5: The Tomb

08 Sep

Last time, the party got past the wind trap in the Whispering Cairn and met the ghost of a boy who promised to open the door beyond if his bones could be buried with his family. The party found the family’s farm, only to find that the graves had been robbed. The party’s investigations led them to a necromancer Filge who had just moved into Diamond Lake. Meanwhile, Ensorcella had a bizarre dream, of a moon with a skull-like face infested with green worms floating over a bleak landscape. (-GM)

14th day of Gozran, 4741 AR


Filge greeted us with his butler skeleton and his party of test-tube zombies.

The observatory stood in front of us, its dome large in the sky. We explored around a bit and found a small storage locker. A small ball of flesh and fur jumped out at us. I called it  “PussFuss.” It scrambled all over Noway as I thought to myself, “No way…”

After a while, we finally entered the observatory and found ourselves walking on horrible terrain. Skeletons had crossbows trained on our heads, and I cast obscuring mist to help us avoid them. We rushed up to them and destroyed them immediately. We entered the next room and saw the strangest thing: zombies were sitting at a table eating. The butler zombie spouted on about the academy and other bulls***. We asked them about the observatory, but they constantly talked about “Filge” and the  “Academy.”

We headed upstairs to a bedroom with nothing but a book in it. After that, we entered the big room up the stairs. Filge greeted us with his butler skeleton and his party of test-tube zombies. They all charged at us and Ensorcella launched a color spray at Filge. He was really hurting and staggered backwards. Hans Grüber danced around the zombies, his charged blade ripping them in half. He ran towards Filge and shanked him. The large zombie crushed Ensorcella and I ran over to help kill Filge. I quickly realized Ensorcella would die if I didn’t help, so I ran over and healed her. Hans did a twirl and Filge fell to the floor, unconscious.

I tied him up and we asked him where the corpses were and who hired him.  He said that Balabar shrank, salad bark stank, what was it? Oh! Balabar Smenk. Smenk had hired him to investigate some cult making undead and had some jar with a green worm. Maybe it was related to the worm we found in the lizard.

We took the corpses back to the Land family house to bury them in the graves. A small faint whisper was heard in the wind, “Thank you”. This was Alastor Land, and he’d promised to open the door in the cairn for us.


We escaped barely with our lives.

As we returned to the cairn to find what was behind the door, we decided to stock up on some items and healing potions before we took on the fight that probably waited us up there. As we entered, we saw a collapsed structure and a giant pillar of wind flying up towards the ceiling. When we were exploring around we saw different bas reliefs, most of them depicting great Wars of the Azlant Empire fighting illithids, aboleths, and these six-armed people. There was also a great red dragon, which they stopped with a rod that broken into seven parts that were buried in various tombs like this one. Hans Grüber stepped on the central platform and walk into two ancient spirits of order. They destroyed us. We escaped barely with our lives.

We decided to return once more. I prepared new spells to help in the oncoming battle, and was told we were all ready to destroy them. We all set up an ambush and were ready to attack. Hans Grüber ran up with a charged blade and one-shot it. I was stuck behind, killing the last one with my bull’s strength and Ensorcella’s crossbow. We managed to kill it once and for all, and entered the pillar of wind that the others have gone into before.

We flew up to find an ancient burial tomb. The skeleton had a crown that I must wear because it will give me more spells, as well as a piece to a strange item that looked like a sphere of annihilation in the bas relief, which could prove very powerful in the future.

– Sunaki (Nick)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 3
Hans Grüber, elven magus 3
Noway Amagonadai, oread ranger 3
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 3

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