Age of Worms #4: Another Day, Another Pile of Corpses

07 Sep

Hidden, deep within my email, lay an incomplete writeup by the still-living Noway Amagonadaithisthyme. Here it is, in its detailed-yet-incomplete glory. (-GM)

11th day of Gozran, 4741 AR


The grick

We were all feeling rather drained after the fight with the shadow-things, so we left the dungeon to rest for a few days. While we were in town, we heard these rumors that some children were going missing. Then there was some boring downtime stuff, and then we went back to the much more interesting creep dungeon.

Fortunately, there were no more shadow-things in the room. We went into a side hallway, and found a room with this big sarcophagus in the middle. A red flag went off in my mind. Sarcophagi meant dead things. Dead things meant undead things. We needed to get out now, cool, the sarcophagus lid was this really smooth granite that felt– and then the zombies ambushed us.

Well, they weren’t all zombies. One was this pale blue thing that had rotten fangs and a disgusting tongue. I was sure I had seen one before. What were they called again? It didn’t matter. Sunaki went to one of the zombies and cast a cure spell, which made it writhe in agony. Buddy stepped in front of me and shot one, Hans snowballed another, Ensorcella crossbowed a zombie in its eye, that really made it mad, and I went over to one and whacked it with my warhammer. And then the fighting really started.

Sunaki got out his longspear and skewered a zombie, meanwhile that pale blue fang thing bit Buddy and started draining his soul. So maybe the pale blue fang thing– a wight! It was a wight, I remember now! — was too dangerous to be fought in close combat. I withdrew to fight another zombie, and the weakened Buddy fled back into the hallway we were in before.

Hans electro-grabbed a zombie, and the zombie bit back. Fortunately, the ghoul was the only thing that could drain us. I swung my hammer at a zombie but missed, the zombie also missed, and Buddy tried to snipe it but missed. Ensorcella broke the failing streak by clawing the wight. Sunaki channeled, Buddy missed another snipe shot, and the wight drained Ensorcella’s soul, so she retreated into the hallway. The wight seemed to have healed itself through the drainings.

I didn’t want to get my soul drained so I went into the next room, with Sunaki coming shortly after. It was dead silent. I couldn’t even hear myself breathe. In the middle of the room there was a statue of a man holding a spellbook with one hand and pointing in my direction. The room opened into a vast chamber with switchback stairs and a large pool in the center.


Alastor Land

I peeked inside the sarcophagus room and saw that the wight, huddled in a corner, was the only creature left. Me and Sunaki went across to the hallway. We all went out of the dungeon to recuperate, hoping that when we got back the wight would be gone.

Buddy wasn’t feeling well after the wight attack, so he didn’t come with us to the dungeon. Hans made his weapon good-aligned and one-shotted the ghoul. We went into the silenced room, and Sunaki whacked off the arm of the statue to see if anything happened. Nothing happened. We went into the pool room.

There were some skeletons guarding the inner chamber, so Ensorcella shot them. There wasn’t anything interesting in that room, but in the next room there was a lot of sand on the floor. There was also these lines of–

“Don’t step there!” I shouted. “It’s a pit trap!” We triggered it with a rock, and inside the pit we found the corpse of someone that was not so perceptive. I climbed down and found 120 gold pieces and an invisibility potion in his backpack. We went across the pit and entered a new room– oh wait, it was an old room. The passageway had looped.

Since there wasn’t anything left to explore in the dungeon we were in, we decided to go back to the cairn with rainbow lanterns. I thought we had explored everything there as well, but Sunaki remembered what had happened when we turned the sarcophagus to the blue lantern. The wind from that huge stone face had to come from somewhere.

When we turned the sarcophagus to the blue lantern, nothing happened. We tried lighting the lantern, and the dome slid back to reveal the stone face hall we saw before. Me and Ensorcella climbed up into the hall. There were lights in the stone eyes, swirling blue and green… and just a hint of red. Before we could investigate further, the wind started.

We had to fall prone to keep the wind from knocking us over. Eventually we reached the rope and climbed down. When we told the others about what we had seen in the eyes of the face-thing, Hans suggested we light all the lanterns, put the red one in its place, and see if the eyes became rainbow. And sure enough, when we went back they were swirly rainbow color and the face slid down to reveal a passageway.


Baby owlbear

We climbed down and found a pit filled with little iron balls. There was a narrow wooden bridge that led to a door on the far side of the room. When we tried to cross it, the balls flew at us and a grick attacked us.

After the battle, this ghost with its head cocked to the side came up to us. As ghosts go, he was rather friendly. He pointed to his bones and said that if we…

– Noway Amagonadai (Nate)

(Alastor Land promised passage into the room beyond, if the party recovered his bones and buried them with his family. When the party followed his directions, they found the family had died and that their graves had just been robbed. They killed a mother owlbear and found its cute little baby. They tracked down the robbers, who said they’d given the bodies to this creepy guy Filge who had just moved in to the abandoned observatory. –GM)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 2
Hans Grüber, elven magus 3
Noway Amagonadai, oread ranger 2
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 3

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