Big Announcement #2: We’re Playing Pathfinder *and* D&D!

03 Sep

d&dYet another announcement, and I told you this would be big.

We now have TWO go-to tabletop roleplaying games in the Guild: Pathfinder RPG and Dungeons & Dragons!

I think 5th Edition of D&D is really good. And Pathfinder RPG and the new D&D each have their own strengths. Here’s a short breakdown:

Dungeons & Dragons:

  • More-streamlined, more-elegant rules
  • Easier to learn, easier to run
  • Characters of different levels can play together more easily, but high-level characters are less powerful

Pathfinder RPG:

  • Many more character options
  • More complicated rules, can be difficult to learn and to run (especially at higher levels)
  • Characters and monsters get more powerful

For the first few weeks, half of the NEW players will start with Pathfinder RPG, and the other half will play D&D. After the first few weeks, the new players can play what they want.

I expect all the returning students will want to stick with Pathfinder RPG because it’s more familiar. But I encourage all of you to try BOTH games. The rule of having only one character at a time applies to each system: you may have one active Pathfinder RPG and one active D&D character.

-Your Ever Innovative Grandmaster

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