Wrath of the Righteous #25: I Really Want to Kill Some More Stuff

01 Sep

Perhaps Deathwish got his… wish? Or perhaps he’s celebrating because the party killed Staunton Vhane and took back Citadel Drezen? The legendary Sword of Valor was still missing, however. The party’s kineticist, Ghalt, fills us in. –GM

15th day of Lamashan, 4727 AR


This is where I started to get annoyed…

Today was a great day. We killed a shadow demon and some other demons, and we got the Sword of Valor. But its greatness was lessened significantly by the fact that I am more pissed at the damn demons than I have been for the past month.

It all started with us at a standoff with some weaker demons, and then we ended the standoff by killing them. We then went into another room, and another. We were exploring the dungeon, and I don’t really care where we were, but Unit 11 did, so he mapped. We kept going until we found a secret door that led to a long room with some dumb pictures of demons on the walls. Then some trap triggered when we tried to leave, which conjured what was supposed to be my worst fear and kill me instantly, but I didn’t really care, and shook it off.

This is where I started to get annoyed. We went through the next door to find a half-circle shaped room with a statue of a big six armed demon with six weird looking swords. There was a ledge above the lower floor, and so I went up there to scout ahead. Then a magical force blasted me off the edge, through the floor, which was illusory, and into some nasty slime that hurt, and messed up my armor.


Then, like the scummy piece of crap it was, it cast deeper darkness so that none of us could see.

Fortunately, I had some fine dwarven stout on me, so I poured it all over myself, lit it, and it burned off. I was VERRRYY mad though, because I hadn’t burned it off soon enough, I could no longer make my blasts do as much damage without knocking myself out. Deathwish and Unit 11 cast some lesser restoration spells on me and I felt slightly better, but I was still mad.

Then, as the rest of us crossed the room, Unit 11 almost got thrown in, but narrowly dodged it, and Sean O’Connell got thrown in. We decided to rest an hour and use our mythic power to heal up, but halfway through, ANOTHER DEMON CAME TO KILL US!

We were up on our feet in seconds, and we started attacking it. Then, like the scummy piece of crap it was, it cast deeper darkness so that none of us could see, and so Unit 11 and I sprayed arrows and kinetic blasts everywhere in hopes of finding him, while Deathwish, once we found it, stabbed it repeatedly with his swords. Then, because this demon couldn’t find anything better to do (like jumping in the pool of toxic slime), it decided to mind control Sean.

He started attacking his horse and ME, just because I happened to be near him. Unit 11 meanwhile, had finally hit it with his spraying of arrows, and with another volley, the irritating demon was dead.


We were very happy to see the Sword of Valor, which our resident paladin grabbed…

We (me) wept tears of joy, and we left the room in a hurry so we would be able to see again. In the next room, we were very happy to be able to see again, and we also were very happy to see the Sword of Valor, which our resident paladin grabbed, and as soon as he did, Unit 11 heard some cheering coming from the direction of our army.

We went back, and my mood improved slightly after resting off that fight, but I still want to kill more stuff.

That’s all for now though,
Ghalt (Marco)


Deathwish – vanaran ranger 8, champion
Ghalt – hobgoblin kineticist 9, champion
Legendary Stupidity – oread monk 7
James – aasimar paladin 8, champion
Sean O’Connell – aasimar paladin 8, hierophant
Unit 11 – aasimar ranger 8, trickster

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