Rappan Athuk #26: Don’t Feed the Carpet

31 Aug

The party treks into the wilderness and looks for alternate entrance into last week’s fatal cavern. (-GM)

27th day of Rova, 4716 AR


Death from Farther Away (DFFA) begged, “Please just let me use magic to pull the belt out?”

After a tiring return trip home, the party retrieved Thoren before setting off to the DREADED CARPET! We all got into position around the corner from the suite, as I recalled the conversation our group had before entering the inn.

— Flashback —

Death from Farther Away (DFFA) begged, “Please just let me use magic to pull the belt out?”

“How ’bout not!” stated Valestar as we ride through the tunnels.

“Please, I’ll open the door from a distance and grab the belt with magic,” pleaded DFFA.

In a firm a voice, Valestar declared, “NO!”

I turned to Valestar and said, “Valestar, come on. If anything goes wrong we will be gone before it is ten feet down the hallway.” —At least I will— I thought as I ran ahead to scout the path for us.

“We’re here,” someone said as I was pulled back to the present moment.

We slipped through the quiet inn to the room with the carpet. DFFA opened the door. A few seconds later the carpet grabbed him and pulled him around the corner. We bombarded the carpet with spells, arrows, and even a dog. The carpet retreated back into its room and proceeded to devour DFFA. Before it had time to regroup, we struck it down leaving behind only a few tattered rags. We mournfully gathered up the remains of our lost comrades, but gladly inherited the loot left behind.

After a long trip to the capital where we updated our gear and met Death from Even Farther Away, we explored the tunnels of the Mad Man below Rappan Athuk. As we were searching a room full of boxes, Goblins ambushed us from the hallway. The goblins proved to be no match for us, even though they were intelligent and slightly tougher. We trampled over the goblin bodies to get to the next room, and as Valestar reached for the doorknob, we all heard a SQUEAK! Instantly we all knew what to do; we engaged the RATSTRAT!


As Valestar reached for the doorknob, we all heard a SQUEAK! Instantly we all knew what to do…

Quickly, the door was opened and we made mincemeat of the rats. Leaving the mutilated rat bodies behind us as we moved toward yet another room, we heard a disgruntled voice say, “Who goes there?”

Valestar responded, “Just adventurers wondering if we could pass?”

“Fine,” said the disgruntled voice, “You may pass.”

“Is it okay if we look down this passage first and return within the hour?” asks Valestar.

The disgruntled voice said, “Okay, but call ahead first.”

Using our arcane eye, we discovered we were talking to a bunch of very polite wererats. Uninterested in wasting time fighting them, we called ahead and passed through freely, entering a large cavern that stunk of poop.

-Monkey (Torin)


Death from Even Farther Away, tiefling slayer 6
Lone Wolf, human samurai 6
Monkey, vanara zen-archer monk 7
Thoren, dwarven witch 7
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 8

Death from Farther Away, hobgoblin slayer 6 / magus 1

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