Rappan Athuk #24: Gut Full o’ Fungus

17 Aug

Death from Farther Away continues describing the party’s journey into The Gut. (-GM)

27th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR

Death From Farther Away


We arrived in a large cavern with many rough passageways branching off. Monkey explored them uneventfully until at the end of one was a reflective wall…

After a couple of days, we voted to go to a tunnel that we saw in the pot/vase cavern. We walked by the usual trolls and made it to the entrance of the tunnel in only 10 hours. The party slept there before walking into the tunnel. The space was dark, but we passed through it quickly.

Soon we arrived in a large cavern with many rough passageways branching off. Monkey explored them uneventfully until at the end of one was a reflective wall. The wall seemed normal but in the reflection, he saw some shadows come out of a wall behind him. He monkey-ran back to the group to warn them. Upon hearing the news, Lone Wolf bravely rode away to a safe distance. One Punch and I quickly disposed of them. We were the only ones who could deal magical damage, so we were the only ones who could hurt them.

This time, I followed Monkey down a hallway. We noticed that there were skeletons that had spikes hammered through them. It was creepy but we continued forward. We turned a corner and came face to face with a thin tiefling. This was no normal tiefling. It had glowing yellow eyes that made you stare a little longer.


I saw DFFA get off her horse and start walking toward the creepy dude. I felt the pull of the thing’s mind as well, but I resisted by thinking about bananas. The skeleton picked up a hammer and a spike and tried to hammer the spike into DFFA.


I did not know how a mushroom could yell but hey, in Rappan Athuk anything is possible.

I monkey-ran back to get help from the others and they came swiftly. One Punch walked over to DFFA and punched her in the jaw. She collapsed instantly from the blow. I went over to the skeleton and killed him with a couple of arrows. We woke up DFFA and found some good treasure under the bed.

The party continued into another long hallway, this one opening into a large room filled with fungus and mushrooms covering every inch. Over in one corner was a couple of shriekers that would scream if you got too close. I did not know how a mushroom could yell but hey, in Rappan Athuk anything is possible (like a carpet that kills half the party). Thoren saw some yellow goop and decided to take some for potions. The second she touched it a cloud of the stuff formed around her. The yellow was the same color as the kind of banana I like. She started to cough, but she did some witchy stuff and she was unharmed. We turned to the left and walked down a passage that got so narrow that nobody could fit. The party voted and we sent Dodo down the hallway.


Fly Fly Fly Fly. Terror Terror Terror Terror. Run Run Run Run. Fight Fight Fight Fight. Kill Kill Kill Kill. Run Run Run Run. Terror Terror Terror Terror. Safe Safe Safe Safe. Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory.


We stepped into the fungus room and I had some out-of-game thought that this group of mushrooms to our left would attack us. They did. But we killed them. There was another group that circled One Punch. He fought like a banana; Graceful, but powerful. Overwhelmed by the fungi, he fell finally due to one last tentacle attack.


Moment of silence for One Punch Man. **silence**

We destroyed the rest but the damage was done. Again, moment of silence for One Punch Man.         **silence**

Barely even 3 minutes later, a madman came charging out of a corridor on the far side of the cavern. We damaged him with our bows before he could get too close, but he still managed one or two attacks. We looted him after he was dead and found that his club was magical. He had some armor, some coins, and a key.

The party went to the hallway where he ran out from and saw a door. It was ajar and the hallway beyond was dark.

One Punch Man

So last time I ate all the Doritos so I go straight into the light without stopping.

Everyone else in the group wants to play,
Except for me, I’m DFFA

Goodbye and good luck,
Death from Farther Away


Death from Farther Away, hobgoblin slayer 6 / magus 1
Lone Wolf, human samurai 5
Thoren, dwarven witch 7
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 8
Zen Archer, vanara monk 7

One Punch Man, suli brawler 6

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