Age of Worms #2: Bloodstained Beetles

12 Aug

The party loses one of its own in our next chapter of The Age of Worms saga… (-GM)

29th day of Pharast, 4741 AR


Nazbam charged forward, his face filled with anguish. The beetles rushed onto him, their little mouths biting into his flesh. ..

This place was a s***-hole. Diamond Lake was maybe one of the most flea-filled, s***-stained, piss-poor towns on this planet. I hate almost every bit of it. Why was I chosen to wake up here?!

I strolled through the street towards my pitiful job as a waiter, the light rain tapping on the cobblestones below my feet. It was getting late, the setting sun casting a pale orange light on the dark buildings that towered above me. When can I leave this place? I neared towards the entrance of my job and looked up at the sign, The Feral Dog. I hated those that I was forced to serve: the gross mine owners, their greasy fat spilling over the table as they laughed and drank the wine I served them. Their gluttony would be the end of them.

The night continued as normal, and I soon headed towards our newly owned house. The rocky trail stretched before me, the moon lighting up the lake to my side, its reflection making the s***ty town look pretty for once. The crystal reflection glittered along the walls of the dark buildings of Diamond lake. The pillars of smoke and glittering buildings were somewhat reminiscent of its name. But never mind that: soon I’d be out of this town and into the adventuring world.

Some time later

I neared our makeshift house, the darkness penetrated by a small campfire. Its dim light showed the weary faces of our crew. The silence was broken by Buddy.

“If you get nostalgic about childhood camping trips, you are just living in the past tense.” Hans quickly responded with a “One ‘s’more into the breach!” Laughter echoed through the darkness as the night proceeded, we were supposed to set out the next morning to continue into the cairn. We were set up to keep watch.

The sun rose above us and It was time to set out. The small grass waved in the wind, casting small shadows on the ground below it. The building we were living in was gonna need some work, the small vines crept up the decrepit walls and the kinda roof was crumbling in the wind. The moldy wood needed to be replaced, and the piles of stones needed to be moved. But we needed to return to that later. The hills rose above us and the lake shone bright in the morning sunlight.

The silence was broken by our new companion Hans: “Oh boy I can’t wait to go in the old tomb!” I quickly responded with “Just wait until you smell the cairn!” This was quickly followed by laughter. Our new companion Hans was already likable. The laughter was cut short when Nazbam, in a fit of rage, screamed “INDIGO IS NOT A VALID COLOR!”.

Buddy, our newly acquired “business” partner calmed him down by saying in a calm voice, “Yes, we agree, there is no reason for outrage.” Thank god, Nazbam could’ve destroyed the lantern and we would’ve missed out on treasure. I offered to carry the lantern, and our adventuring continued on.



A weird spider-like creature crawled out of the green hole, its torso composed of a single eye.

It was midday now, and the entrance to the cairn was only a few yards away. Its great stone entrance filled with darkness. The crumbling limestone walls were tarnished from the past expeditions that ran through here. I shivered. I hated this place, but it was my only way out of this awful town. We lit our torches, the flames casting dancing shadows upon the walls of this forsaken crypt. The small holes on the floor echoed with the screams and moans of undead. We continued onwards into the Azlanti cairn, our torches the only source of light.

We continued onward to the large circular room with several lanterns of various colors. There were beetles scuttling around on the ground. Seeing them made me want to throw up. As we neared towards the green lantern, beetles poured out, their green shells scuttling back and forth as they marched towards us. A small trail of acid trailed behind them, its acidic nature melting into the ground below it. The green juice sizzled and bubbled, its producers immune to its harmful nature.

We were panicking. Nazbam charged forward, his face filled with anguish. The beetles rushed onto him, their little mouths biting into his flesh. His screams echoed throughout the circular room. As his mouth opened beetles crawled into it, his screams muffled by their incessant entry into his mouth. He screamed and ran into the corner of one of the alcoves along the wall. Meanwhile we started throwing torches at them. Hans’ hands burst into flames and shot all over the swarm of beetles. It barely fazed them. They continued to crawl around us. I continued throwing torches at them; the room was bright now. Hans was shooting fire, and the torches on the ground provided ample light.

A weird spider-like creature crawled out of the green hole, its torso composed of a single eye. It waltzed up to us, its strange spindly legs composed of strange black spines. It crawled towards us, its eyeball-body crawling around. The beetles were relentless and we had to run. We all made it out. Almost: Nazbam couldn’t make it. His screams rang through my ears. He was gone.

Two days later

It was time to venture back into that place. Hans talked to the wizard Eruztan for scrolls, and eventually we were in the same room. We made a new friend, Nimbus. He was kinda annoying, but other than that he seemed formidable. The beetles came at us again, and we destroyed them. Our flames burned them away, and the eyeball was soon cut in a half.

The hole under the green lantern remained, its light filling the room. We had bought some rope in case, and we rolled down through the hole. The rooms to the left of us had a strange array of stone slabs. A skeleton lay on one of the slabs, its skull crushed. A sudden urge to sleep fell across us. I quickly resisted it and ran out the room.


The hallway ended in a flooded area. Hans was sent through. He quickly returned gasping for air…

A strange beetle attacked us. It was dead with a few quick strokes of the sword. Its splayed corpse lay in the room as we searched it — nothing.

We went to the next room, but found it was filled with beetles. Knowing this danger, we quickly escaped. We soon returned with oil and torches; we lay our trap and the beetles walked right over it. The flames destroyed them, and we soon won. The room was filled with some strange orange goo. We took a sample and set fire to it. It stayed on fire for a few minutes. This could be useful. We used our empty oil flasks and filled them up with this strange goo.

The hallway ended in a flooded area. Hans was sent through. He quickly returned gasping for air.

“Water…… *gasp* elemental!”

It rushed out and attacked us. I charged at it with my spear, and we soon destroyed it.  We returned to the flooded area. We found a small alcove, and a ghoul attacked us. Hans destroyed it, completely. His blade charged up with a strange energy and he stabbed it in the skull. It exploded around his dagger. We found a longsword and some armor in the next chambers, and a red lantern. The corpses showed they were from the Pathfinder Society.

We returned to the lanterns chamber and entered the alcove with a blue lantern. We climbed the rope into the darkness above.

– Sunaki (Nick)


Ensorcella, human sorcerer (vortex dragon blood) 1
Hans Grüber, elven magus 2
Nimbus, aasimar paladin 1
Sunaki, human cleric of Desna 2

Nazbam Firebluff, dwarven fighter (tower shield specialist) 1

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