Rappan Athuk #23: Deeper and Farther Away

11 Aug

The party traverses miles of tunnels leading from the Mouth of Doom in “The Gut.” A new character, Death from Farther Away, tells their story. (-GM)

22nd day of Sarenith, 4716 AR

Death From Farther Away


There was a fifty-foot tall stone statue of a woman with a jug on her head. One Punch Man and his big muscles decided to climb the statue in search of any treasure that might be in the jug.

I was running quickly through the dark hallway and had been doing so for a long time. The tunnel seemed near endless, but I was hot on the trail, my tracking senses blazing. I knew I was catching up to them. Finally I saw dark figures ahead. I approached stealthily. I looked around but did not see Death From Afar, my twin.

Oh wait, I forgot to introduce myself. Greetings, I am Death From Farther Away and I have been hunting my long-lost twin, Death From Afar, for many years. I have finally tracked her down to this deep underground location that I believe to be part of level 4 in the Rappan Athuk dungeon. I have been following the group for many miles along The Gut. They took a break, so I did too, but I fell asleep and woke up too late. I now have doubled my speed to catch up.

Anyways, I approach the party. They are seated in a circle healing themselves. I slowly appear so as not to surprise them, but all of them jump and shout. One of them calls out “Death From Afar, you’re alive!!” I inform them of who I am and they look disappointed. I ask them where my twin is, and this strix I’ve heard all the towns complain about. They look down sadly until Valestar says “She’s dead. So is Strix. Strong carpet.”

I look around in dismay. I had hunted my twin for years, and now that I finally caught up I find that she has died merely minutes before I arrive. What if I I’d been powerful enough to make the difference, and that nap I took had cost me my sister’s life? (It was a good nap though). The group told me about the Last One Inn and how it was now empty.

I shoved the loss of my twin into a deep corner of my heart and voted that the party continue down the hallway in search of more rare blue flowers. The passage continued for a while, and the walls slowly became covered in plants. The farther we walked, the more green we noticed. Now there was grass on the ground, real green grass in the world’s biggest, scariest dungeon. We emerged into a huge cavern filled with all sorts of plants and vines. It was well maintained, but there was nobody to seen. I did some quick thinking and realized that this was a garden that the dwarves maintained. I made the group promise not to touch anything unless it was a full-grown blue flower. We did not find any, however. We did find some baby flowers but they would not grow for another 10 years. There was a side tunnel that after more miles ended in a cavern with a river running through it.

There was a big black door with a demon head, a circle, and a square. It turns out that if you touched them with your finger, they will move around like a touch screen. Thoren figured out that if you put the demon’s head in the circle and then put the square around it, then the door would open.

We did not explore the area beyond, but we noticed that the door could be opened from the inside via a handle. We followed the river into another tunnel — this one dank, dark, and smelly. The river led us to a huge cavern with one big lake in the center and two smaller ones off to the side. Close to the first lake there was a fifty-foot tall stone statue of a woman with a jug on her head. Her long flowing robes were the same color as the rock we were standing on. Her face and skin were also that color, and the jug, and her shoes. One Punch Man and his big muscles decided to climb the statue in search of any treasure that might be in the jug.

One Punch Man


“The gem is good. The gem is great. The gem is why I participate…”

Ok, so like I’m climbing this lady to look in her jug for treasure and it is really hard. I can’t see in the dark, so DFFA had to shoot an arrow at me with the spell light on it. It hit me, but it also gave me a light source. But because I’m so buff, I made it to the top.

Right, so I’m standing on the top of the jug and I look inside. There are a lot of bones, a scroll rack, and a big blue gem. The gem is so beautiful. I just can’t pull my eyes away from it. Its swirling depths promise hope, love, and safety. It shows a world where my crush on Thoren is returned. Wait! Am I in a trance? Naw, the gem is blue. Blue things are never dangerous.

The gem is good. The gem is great. The gem is why I participate. Maybe I should take a seat amongst the human skulls and stare at it for a while. Why is there shouting. Who is this One Punch Man they are yelling about. His name makes me think of buff people.

Suddenly, someone from behind me tries to blindfold me.

Wait, I can’t see the gem any more. NO! NO! NO! NO! I turn and punch the person behind me. He tries to shoot arrows at me but I’m too strong. I give him one last haymaker to the head and his body goes rigid. I scoot the fallen dude to the side so that I can sit down again. Me and the gem are now complete again. A sharp pain in the back of my neck surprises me and then everything is black.

Death From Farther Away

I’ll admit, It felt weird shooting a new teammate but it was necessary to knock him unconscious. I gave the Zen Archer a potion of cure light wounds so he regained consciousness. He helped me carry One Punch, the scrolls, and the blue gem which I covered in my bedroll and dropped in my backpack. I gave One Punch some healing punch (cure light wounds), and he returned to his normal (as normal as he can be) self. He was still weak but decided to explore the lakes underwater with his nifty 24,000 gp (!!!!!) helm of underwater breathing.

One Punch Man

So, DFFA gave me a helm of something that cost a lot and let me breathe underwater (which is totally on my bucket list). I still felt kind of woozy but swam down to the bottom of lake number dos (the right one). The ground at the bottom of the lake was normal, but after some lookin’ around I saw a tunnel off to the left. I swam into it and suddenly a huge water snake appeared. It swam out of the dark depths, its grey eyes hungrily looking for some dude with a helm of stuff. Hey, its eyes are the same color of the statue. That’s so cool!

water snake

A huge water snake appeared. It swam out of the dark depths, its grey eyes hungrily looking for some dude with a helm of stuff.

Wait! This doesn’t matter. I’m gonna die!!! I turned and swam as fast as I could out of the tunnel. My conscience is telling me to swim faster.

“I’m swimming as fast as I can,” I reply. When it finally dawns on me that I’ve stopped swimming due to the argument me and my conscience were having, it’s already too late. The snake grabbed me in its fangs just as I broke the surface. I saw my buddies’ looks of surprise, and felt the beast’s poisoned fangs tearing me up. I winked at Thoren and let the warmth embrace me.

Death From Farther Away

Another death, another life lost to the evil of Rappan Athuk. Moment of silence for One Punch.

I killed the horrible beast before it could kill Thoren. Then I donned the helm and swam through the tunnel to retrieve whatever treasure that monster was hiding. It was surprisingly little for the trouble we went through to get it, but there was a couple thousand gp worth. Then we voted that we return home.

We started the journey back, and we slept in the hotel again, except this time around 2 in the morning I heard footsteps. I woke up the others and reached over to pick up my bow. To my relief, all I could hear was a couple of goblins speaking of gobliny things. I opened the door anyway to warn them of the dangers in the carpet room. We talked for a bit, but things got heated and they attacked. I swear, they started it. After we killed them all, we went back to bed.


I turned over to see Thoren shaking me awake. She informed me that the group was almost ready to leave. I readied myself quickly, and we were out the door by ten. We arrived home late that afternoon and spend the next couple of days resting up.

On the third day, a man who looked very similar to One Punch Man came up to our front door and asked to join our group. We of course said yes, and he said his name was One Punch Man. Then Shia and I went to the Pizza Town library to research the carpet, and an idea I came up with on the way home. It turns out that the carpet was actually called a trapper, or lurking ray.

So, my idea was to move the teleport circles from Rappan Athuk to places like the Capital to make transit easier. Shia and the rest of the group went with me to the room with the circles, and he looked at them and came to the conclusion that they could only teleport several hundred feet. The only one that could teleport farther was the one that goes to the main entrance to Rappan Athuk. We moved that one back to our house and tried to teleport. Nothing happened. Shia said that this is because there was not enough magic aura in this place. So we ditched that idea and started to brainstorm. God said that there was a teleport spell that only cost about 3,000 gp. We all get very excited until he said that you would need to make it permanent with a permanency spell and that would cost 22,000 gp. So in total, if we want one-way transit it would cost 22,000 gp to get to the Capital.


Lots of maths.


So, we paid 35 gp per person per way for the ferry, but the ferry only comes once a month. If we charged 50 gp per person per way, god says that one person will come every day. So that’s 50 gp a day. Every month due to word spreading, I estimate one more person will go a day. That’s 100 gp a day. If we have the ferry go along the coast and bring people here instead of to the Capital, then we could have 4 people a day. That’s 200 gp a day. We can also ship cargo and we will charge 7 gp a pound. The amount of cargo will get bigger and bigger so I think that by the end of the month we will have about 300 gp a day in cargo. That’s 500 gp a day. This means it will take 50 days to make what we spent. We can also set up some hotels in the area that charge 10 gp a night for one room. We can increase the sales there if we are work in the hotel and that means we pass time and keep collecting are daily 500. If we want to adventure, we can hire people to run the business for us and keep collecting the 5s. Call me a businesswoman if you like but I’ll be the one making the money.

(These are your calculations, not mine! –GM)

One Punch Man (Deceased)

I know they tell you to walk into the light, but the dark has the vending machines so I’m kinda stuck here for now. Ok, now they ran out of Doritos so I’m going into the light. Damn, its bright. Ummmmm, was something supposed to happen? Oh! Oh! I see god. Wow, god wears glasses? I thought he was perfect or something. I guess that means he is “or something”. He is telling me that I will be reincarnated but I will be slightly weaker and some of my abilities will be gone. Sounds ok to me. It sure beats sitting in a room with an empty vending machine.

Everyone else in the group wants to play,
Except for me, I’m DFFA


Death from Farther Away, hobgoblin slayer 6
Lone Wolf, human samurai 5
One Punch Man, suli brawler 6
Thoren, dwarven witch 7
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 8
Zen Archer, vanara monk 6

One Punch Man, suli brawler 6

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  1. mmccoo171

    August 12, 2016 at 6:51 am

    I was really scared that me or Shia died, but it still sucks quite a bit that One Punch Man died. RIP


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