Wrath of the Righteous #6: Inside Citadel Drezen

29 Jul

Unit 11 continues the tale of the war for Drezen, as the party makes its first foray into Citadel Drezen itself. –GM

28th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR


The soldiers reported a bat-winged ghoul had attacked the army in the night, killing 12 soldiers.

After we vanquished the three-headed beast, we retired to our camp to rest our exhausted bodies. In the early dawn, some soldiers reported a bat-winged ghoul had attacked the army in the night, killing 12 soldiers. After hearing this unfortunate news, we headed to the graveyard with the paladin Irabeth. At the monastery, the bat-winged creature was an easy kill.

The next day, we explored the Citadel Drezen. James and I scouted out the best way to enter the place, and we finally found a hole in the wall in which we entered. As we climbed over rubble and passed into the next room, I was annoyed to see a large O-shaped room with doors and alcoves all along the walls. I immediately got out my mapping supplies and began sketching. Before I even completed the first wall, the paladins had already opened and closed 5 doors. Upon completion of the illustration of the second wall, Irabeth opened another door and was attacked by a crazy barbarian speaking in a strange tongue. The battle was intense, but not exciting. Unfortunately, the barbarian killed Irabeth, so we returned to camp to bury her.

After an evening of reflection and rest, we returned to the Citadel Drezen. This time Nurah, the halfling bard, and Sosiel, a human cleric, accompanied us into the dungeon, and the other half of the party explored the front gate. Most of the exploring was uneventful, until we looted an armory and encountered a chapel with a succubus and her followers. Before the succubus followers could do anything, I had struck down all three of them while the succubus cast dominate on James. However, before she could complete her spell, I struck her down with a bunch of arrows to the head. As we started to leave the room, I noticed a huge blank section on my map which immediately led me to believe there was a secret room. Sure enough, we found a hidden door behind which we discovered a statue of Iomedae with a banner, and an altar which all turned out to be mimics. We killed them, grabbed some loot (the banner was not the Sword of Valor), and returned to the scene of the dead succubus. From there, we entered a courtyard where a Vrock excruciatingly screeched alerting the whole citadel to our presence.


Irabeth Tirabade

I pelted him with a few arrows, as four gargoyles entered across from us and two brimoraks teleported into the room.

-Unit 11 (Torin)


Deathwish – vanaran ranger 7, champion
Ghalt – hobgoblin kineticist 7, champion
Idanogin 2.0 – aasimar cleric 6, hierophant
James – aasimar paladin 7, champion
Sean O’Connell – aasimar paladin 6, hierophant
Unit 11 – aasimar ranger 7, trickster

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