Wrath of the Righteous #19: Taking the Citadel

23 Jul

The crusaders make further progress in this week’s chapter of the battle for Drezen. Deathwish narrates. –GM

27th day of Rova, 4727 AR


Aron Kir

After our annihilation of the bridge guards, we decided to fortify our camp. In the night, I heard a noise, so I got Ghalt and Unit 11 to search around with me. We found tracks leading into the food supply, but we didn’t see anything. The next day, we realized our food was poisoned, as many soldiers had diarrhea. But since they are strong and hardy soldiers, we didn’t care. Though we did ask the shifty little halfling Nurah, who said that Aron Kir has been missing. Probably corrupted by demons, or a traitor.

After an hour or so, we got ready for a full-on attack. But for our army to get into the citadel, we had to take out the catapults. Idanogin used a wand of dimension door to get us to the base of a tower, but we needed to get to the top of the tower. So I cast communal ant haul and we (James, Ghalt and I) carried the others. Me and Ghalt climbed, and James levitated up.

At the top, I tried to sneakily stealth and take out one of the Tiefling guards but a big bad boss — pfft, sorry, easy to kill, a squirrel is more intimidating than him — demon In charge, saw me. So I yelled our signaling word and sliced a Tiefling’s throat. The remaining Tieflings were filled with arrows and sharp rocks from Ghalt and Unit 11. So, we repositioned the catapult and fired at another, hitting it dead on and crushing it. That made some angry fire-blood-spitting demons teleport to us. We fought, until all of them were in a mangled heap. Then we celebrated, I mean mourned the death of Idanogin.

James took Sean down to the army, who raided the citadel while the rest of us destroyed the last of the catapults. Our army charged in, to be faced by Dretches, Tieflings and mercenaries. Our army dispatched the Tieflings with ease, but took heavy losses from the others. Another army approached from the hill, so we took out the first two armies, then shot down most of the last. They fled, but their army got trampled by our horses.

We rescued the people from the hill and trekked towards the ghoul cemetery thing. Crossing the bridge, we noticed a giant flying thing. As it got closer we could see it was a three headed manticore. James, Sean and I started yelling insults at it, while Ghalt and Unit 11 shot at it. It kept flyby attacking us. Eventually it was shot down, and we felt a giant surge of power. Feeling stronger, better and faster than ever before in our lives, we moved on with a newfound haste, ready for anything.

And so we moved on.

-Deathwish (Enzo)



Deathwish – vanaran ranger 7, champion (Tier 2!)
Ghalt – hobgoblin kineticist 7, champion (Tier 2!)
James – aasimar paladin 6, champion (Tier 2!)
Sean O’Connell – aasimar paladin 5, hierophant (Tier 2!)
Unit 11 – aasimar ranger 7, trickster (Tier 2!)

Idanogin – ifrit bard 6, marshal

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