Rappan Athuk #20: WE DID IT!!!!!

20 Jul

Valestar Ekhart’s friend, the bard Shia L., continues the party’s tale. (-GM)

30th day of Gozran, 4716 AR


I’m gonna tell the AWESOMEST story, and it’s gonna be AWESOME!

What is up my dudes?! It’s your favorite motivational speaker/bard/pro whip user/cool spellcaster here, Shia! I’m gonna tell the AWESOMEST story, and it’s gonna be AWESOME!

It started with us visiting Pizza Town and then going back down into that just CRAZZZY Mouth of Doom, because we wanted to clear out the second level! We went to explore ALL of the stuff we hadn’t before.

We found an AWESOME room with a pool of algae, and a CRAZY demon statue with a shield with a bat on it! Death From Afar stirred the pool, and the bat ANIMATED! Valestar, my dude, smashed it to bits! Its pieces flew everywhere! I looked at the statue, and I realized that it was a bust of the big buster himself, ORCUS!! I was slightly startled, but we moved on to the next room! On the way, a portcullis fell behind us, and it had one ugly face on a plate in the middle! It laughed at us, and Valestar smashed it, and bent the bars apart so we could go back through.

We sauntered on over to the next room on our list, and in the middle was a big red carpet! I was like, WAIT! LET ME SEE IF IT’S MAGIC!, and it was! It had an aura of enchantment, and Valestar was like, Cool, I’ll push it aside, there might be something underneath. And when he touched it, IT PUT HIM TO SLEEP! So Thoren used his one and only dispel magic for the day to wake him back up again. Then Death From Afar tried pushing it with his sword, and he was put to sleep too! I decided to use mage hand to slowly push it aside, because Valestar and DFA had moved it enough to where we could see a trapdoor in the floor below! It took a while, and while I was slowly pushing it, a bunch of giant rats attacked, and Valestar and his horse smushed them! FINALLY, I finished pushing it, revealing a large trapdoor, that Valestar opened to find a big treasure chest that I detected as having the same enchantment as the rug, so we burned it open!


The second sarcophagus, we figured it had a POISON GAS TRAP in the lid!

We found a bunch of gold, and some gems, but I decided to cast detect secret doors, and found another secret door in the wall of the shaft! Valestar did some CRAZY maneuvers with his sword, and was somehow able to open the door to it with just the point of his sword! I looked in, and saw a VERY nice looking gem on a little pillow, and grabbed it and the pillow!

We moved on to the next room on our list and found that the entire floor was covered in fire! We looked around and saw doors on the opposite and adjacent walls, with TINY buttons next to them. DFA and Valestar shot the buttons, and BRIDGES extended out from the bottoms of the doors! We went to the adjacent one, and found a HALLWAY that led to a room with FOUR old sarcophagi, TWO of which Valestar detected evil in! We busted open the first one (one of the ones that was not evil), to find an old skeleton that looked very human! The second non-evil one, our MAGIC POISON DETECTING SPORK detected some poison in, and we figured out that it was a POISON GAS TRAP in the lid of the sarcophagus!

DFA used his AWESOME disabling device skills to disarm it, and we popped it open! We found a skeleton with some nice BLING, like a gold scepter! We were about to open the evil ones, when the evil skeletons inside did our job for us! A black skeleton ran out and SLICED Thoren with its two short swords! Valestar yelled at it and proceeded to stab it twice and destroy it on the spot! It was EPIC! The other one opened, and a normal skeleton jumped out, which Valestar SMASHED to bits, and we went to the next room!

We found a SPOOKY room with a TON of spiderwebs and some annoying spiders, but DFA got the drop on them and SPLATTERED them both on the walls! We went to the next room to find EVEN MORE sarcophagi with some NICE jewels in the lids. We opened one up to find a black shadow thing, and Valestar used his Lay On Hands to kill it! We kept going to find a room with some secret trapdoors in the floor, and we found some gold in one, a VERY valuable elephant statuette in another, and a scroll of detect magic in the last!

We went to the very last room we had on our list to explore, and we found it to be a small altar to ORCUS, with black candles that lit as soon as we went inside, and HURT us when we touched them! Valestar started to draw holy symbols all over it, and recited a VERY long prayer to Sarenrae! The rest of us took a short nap, and once we woke up, Valestar told us he had rid the altar of evil! We were relieved, and we left the dungeon!

That’s all for now, but this is certainly not my last EPIC tale of this DANGEROUS dungeon we are exploring!

Remember, JUST DO IT, and bye for now,
Shia. L.      



Death from Afar, hobgoblin slayer 6 / magus 1
Lily’s Sister (a.k.a. Anna), aasimar necromancer 5
One Punch Man, suli brawler 6
Sparta, human slayer 5
Strix, strix monk 5
Thoren, dwarven witch 6
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 8

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4 responses to “Rappan Athuk #20: WE DID IT!!!!!

  1. mmccoo171

    July 26, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    All but 5 sentences end with exclamation points, and I regret that immensely. It should be all, not all but five.

    • ronaldsf

      July 26, 2016 at 10:06 pm

      True this


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