Wrath of the Righteous #17: Rumors and Goat Heads

09 Jul

Deathwish –GM

25th day of Rova, 4727 AR


In the morning, James made a speech about how awesome we are and then ate one of the demon heads that he had on a spear.

Spirits were high as our soldiers were united with the other half of our army. But at night, no one said a word. I wasn’t able to sleep that night; how could I? That close to Drezen, I never felt safe.

Going outside to get some fresh air, I saw them. Demons. They looked like satyrs that were punched in the face by a giant. But I didn’t know what kind, but it didn’t matter. I yelled a battle cry and attacked. I didn’t get that close because they outnumbered me 7 to 1. I readied my weapon to cut the head off of the first hideous creature to get in my way.

The demons did what I wanted. They swarmed me. I cut them down one at a time, severing limbs, splashing demon blood everywhere. My allies came out and helped finish the last few.

In the morning, James made a speech about how awesome we are and then ate one of the demon heads that he had on a spear. He called it a shish kebaaaab. The soldiers laughed. I don’t get it.

We march a bit farther and see swarms of an insect Idanogin says are some kind of armor-eating people-killing bugs. We decided to avoid them. We marched towards the south side of Drezen for 2 days. One of the paladins, Arles Jhestander, had some doubts, but we calmed him down and got ready.

When we saw the city, everyone stared In awe. Unit 11 and I scouted around and found a ton of ghouls, mercenaries and tieflings. Unit 11, Idanogin and I infiltrated the mercenary encampment. We blended in and learned valuable information. We were told that the commander just wants them to build barricades, but all the troops are ready for a fight.

In the night, back at our camp, ghouls attacked, but the soldiers rallied and slaughtered them all. Then, In the morning, Kaas and James marched the army out near the encampment, just out of the catapults’ range.

That’s when we struck. Idanogin started telling the mercenaries to attack before the larger army gets to Drezen. What a lie. Mendev doesn’t even have enough soldiers for another army. The mercenaries took our “advice” and attacked. They all died. The tiefling army wasn’t moving, so Kaas led a charge against them which destroyed their army as well.

Hopefully we will take back Drezen.

And maybe I’ll have the glorious death that I have been waiting for.

Deathwish (Enzo)


Deathwish – vanaran ranger 7, champion
Ghalt – hobgoblin kineticist 6, champion
Idanogin – ifrit bard 6, marshal
James – aasimar paladin 6, champion
Kaas – oracle 6, hierophant
Unit 11 – aasimar ranger 6, trickster

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