Wrath of the Righteous #2: Stupid Demons

30 Jun

By the time James, Idanogin, and Unit 11 had begun leading their small army toward Drezen, Ghalt, Deathwish, and Kaas had already set out. Ghalt tells their story. –GM

22nd day of Sarenith, 4716 AR


Queen Galfrey

I am Ghalt. I think that demons are stupid and dumb and should die, because of what happened the other day. Here’s the story.

The queen lady (Queen Galfrey) had told us to go sneak into Drezen to get back some magic banner that could stop the stupid demons from teleporting behind our lines. We were like ya ya whatever, and she also made us take with us some other people. First we got an awesome army of like a bunch of paladins, who kick ass, then we also got this shifty little turd of a halfling named Yurah, who knows about the history of the Crusades and is really short. Then there was this other dude who knows military logistics, named Amon Kir.

So we started going to Drezen with our paladins and our horses, and the first like one or two days were chill. But then we saw some people in the distance, and so me and Deathwish, being as sneaky as we are, went up to them to scout them out. We looked, and saw that it was an army of tieflings.

Now I personally have nothing against tieflings, and I know a few that are like, ya know, not totally evil and terrible. But demon-worshiping ones just rub me the wrong way. Now, I realize that some demon lords are pretty powerful, but most of the world hates them, so it’s not a good idea to worship them. I just got really off topic. Whoops. Back to the story.

So we see the army of tieflings and were like, damn, we can take these fools! So me and Deathwish run back, tell our army to charge, while we sneak around the back and liquidate their leader. So our army goes in and is kicking some serious ass, like I said they would, and I spot the leader. I’m like, U gonna die demon!, and I blasted a big hunk of rock at his head. He was like, “Nope I’m out,” and teleported away, which really pissed me off cuz he was some ugly demon.

Our army slaughtered the demon-worshiping idiots, and we made camp, while Kaas, this cool dude who can do magic, was like, “Guys, we r the best!” And everyone was like YAAAA and we were hyped as crap.


He was like, “Nope I’m out,” and teleported away, which really pissed me off cuz he was some ugly demon.

That night, I saw Yurah go behind some horses and go invisible, so I used my tremorsense to follow her. I think I stepped on a bucket or made some noise though, because she reappeared and was like “WTF u following me.” And I was like, “Why u invisible.” She gave some BS excuse about how she thought some of the tieflings survived and were sneaking around the camp, but I knew she was up to something.

The next day, we stopped at a place where we could resupply, a farm, and we found it burned to the ground. We scavenged what we could, but the inconsiderate demons had kinda screwed us with our resupply. We had enough, but we wanted more. We kept going, now entering the Worldwound itself, and got rained on by dead locusts, which taste terrible, trust me. Some of our older paladins thought it was a bad omen, but I didn’t care that much, and told them not to worry too much.

We kept going, and the next day, we arrived at the river which we crossed. We saw a giant rock, which had a staircase that let up somewhere, so we went up. Amon, the logistics guy, told us it was a stronghold used by crusaders to restock and could have cool stuff inside. So naturally when we went inside, we were ambushed, but we had already seen the gargoyles (the ambushers), so it wasn’t very surprising. We quickly destroyed them, Deathwish using his short swords to mince them up, and me firing blasts of earth at them, and Kaas was just kind of there.

We looked into the next room to find a bunch of ghouls, a babau demon, and a tougher ghoul. It was a slightly more difficult fight, but with Deathwish doing his mincemeat thing, me blasting crap, and Kaas casting some cool spells, it was easy. This room was the chapel, and we searched it, looking for loot. As we were doing that though, Deathwish heard someone talking behind a door to our right. We busted in and found another ghoul, and another demon thingy. We did the same, but I sneezed as I was firing my blast at the demon, hoping my rocky snot would entangle him, but divine intervention caused it to miss. We killed it and the ghoul though, and continued searching the room.

Right as I found a switch that I later pulled to open the chamber to the loot, ANOTHER demon flew in and used some stupid demon thing, which made it so only it could see. I did get one blast into it before that, but then good old Kaas cast what he called an inspired spell, and the darkness was lifted. I got one more blast into him, and then he gave me a death stare that weakened me a lot. He attacked Kaas in the darkness though, and I blasted him for the killing blow. Man, demons are annoying.


Once we cleaned the temple, we heard a loud cheer some miles away. We galloped toward the sound on our horses…

We healed, then gathered up our loot. We ended up getting quite a bit of gold and gems, some magic armor, some magic weapons, and a huge number of healing potions for our army. We then spent a day repairing the stronghold because it was really trashed, and it was a temple to the gods, so we hoped they would give us their blessing.

Once we cleaned the temple, we heard a loud cheer some miles away. We galloped toward the sound on our horses. We spotted James, our paladin, holding his special longsword, Radiance, up in the air and rallying the armies of paladins.

That’s all folks! And remember, kineticists are cool!

Ghalt (Marco)


Deathwish – vanaran ranger 6, champion
Ghalt – hobgoblin kineticist 6, champion
Idanogin – ifrit bard 6, marshal
James – aasimar paladin 6, champion
Kaas – oracle 6, hierophant
Unit 11 – aasimar ranger 6, trickster

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