Slumbering Tsar #3: Stuck

24 Jun

Our party sees more of the danger surrounding Tsar in this next chapter… –GM

7th day of Gozran, 4716 AR


A great black fluid flew out of its mouth, the sticky substance flew over our party, sticking them in place, hot tar…

Howling winds blew through the old town, or whatever they called it — this wasn’t much of a town for me. The sands blew in my face; I had to blink my eyes rapidly to get the small specks out. We had to leave in an hour or two, our spirits were downtrodden, the death of our comrade Jean-Viev weighed heavily on our morale.

The shifting sands lay ahead of us. Our new friend, Lucky Bjorc, or Lucky BJ. We continued along the path we took the previous adventure. Our horses were steady, their hairs fluttering in the wind, the scorching sun beating down upon our burnt skin. The Fallen’s axe beak had been petrified earlier, poor thing. I remember it like it was yesterday, as the basilisk glared at the bird, its eyes widening as it slowly turned into stone. Its small cry of agony still rings in my ears.

The dwarf Nuneas continued to ramble about how important his armor was even though he knew that his weapon doesn’t do anything. We were riding regularly, when suddenly we saw a dragon flying perpendicular to us. We decided to stop and wait. Its great jet-black wings cut through the air and its red-black eyes seemed to absorb the light around us. Mesmerized by its great black form, I couldn’t notice it flying towards us.

It was too late. I jumped off my horse and dove to the left. I looked over my shoulder and noticed Vape Naesh casting a spell. The dragon’s bellowing roar cut through the air, its great mouth opening, its shiny black scales bent the light around it. A great black fluid flew out of its mouth, the sticky substance flew over our party, sticking them in place, hot tar. I cast spells at the dragon that just flew off its armor. It all happened so fast. Lucky Bjorc was killed and swallowed whole, our useless tank, Nuneas or something, was knocked out. I began to dig my horse out. The sticky tar stuck to my hands as I struggled to rip it off its frail body. I succeeded and hopped on. I ran away, the dragon didn’t care to chase me; it knew it won. I rode like wind. I was worried. I hoped at least one person survived. The sand blew in my face as I rode towards the town.

I entered the shanty town we called home currently, and with downtrodden spirits walked to the bar. I opened the door to happily see Vape sitting on a stool. “Strong as the mountain! Good to see you friend!” We shook hands and continued on with mindless banter. About an hour later a few adventurers walked in, still fuzzy on what their names are but one was a red mantis assassin (Jatanga — GM). Still unclear on their motives. The other was Nothing, a useless frog-like creature that I hoped died. There was also a hunter, Lorparin Grareak, with his faithful little treant, and Ralph, a goblin archer.

We aimed to venture out again, but first our party wished to find and kill the Usurer. The assassin and I stayed back. It was against our morals, plus I sensed that he was something more. The fight was over in mere seconds; poor Vape, he was dominated. The useless Nothing stayed around to almost die, and we decided to leave it in charge of the inn. We hired some useless thugs, the “Furious Fourteen,” so we can have some help in the wasteland.

The next day, we were riding down the Chaos Rift northeast of the Crossroads with our hirelings. These strange birdlike creatures were circling above us and I asked what they were. They suggested we hide and so we did. The birds flew down towards us. The mercs hid under another rock and unleashed their hounds. They weren’t chasing the birds; they were headed for us. I prepared a magic circle against evil and we began to slay the hounds. Vape began casting exploding arrows and soon almost all the dogs were dead but we still had to deal with the mercs and the birdlike beings. Vape’s arrows saved the day and almost all the birds were killed. The mercs began to shout and fly towards us.

– Aeorbeck Wolfsbane (Nick)


Aeorbeck Wolfsbane – human cleric of Iomedae 7
Jatanga – human red mantis assassin 1 / swashbuckler 5
Lorparin Grareak – half-elven hunter 6
Nothing- grippli rogue 7
Ralph – goblin fighter 6
Vape Naesh – elven wizard 5 / fighter 1 / eldritch knight 1

The Fallen – aasimar antipaladin 5/Hellknight 2
Lucky Bjorc – orc bloodrager 3/brawler 3
Nuneas Runeshield – dwarven fighter 7
Rogar – dwarven ranger 7

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5 responses to “Slumbering Tsar #3: Stuck

  1. mmccoo171

    June 25, 2016 at 9:20 am

    Nate… U died. How does it feel to have your defensive build fail to Ronald, which I assume brought him great joy?

  2. Nate

    June 25, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    *heavy raucous sob* Nuneas died for a cause! It was so unfair that the OP CR friggin 15 or whatever dragon just came out of nowhere! *about 10 minutes tearful bawling* Nuneas was the best character I ever made! *sniff* It’s not fair! Everyone hates so much on my defensive paragons! All he wanted to do was help! *sprawling on the floor and crying like Joy from Inside Out making a violent conversion to nihilism*

  3. mmccoo171

    June 27, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    U should make an elf rogue, and see what the rest of us feel like. Im not really one to talk though, in both campaigns I’m in, my characters are pretty tanky.


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