Kingmaker #26: Spriggan Season

06 May

Our founding fathers trek east to investigate the loss of contact with Varnhold… (–GM)

20th of Kuthona, 4684 AR


All the people in Varnhold were gone. Not a single person was to be seen in that village…

At first, things in Espur were looking great. We had established a trade route with Varnhold, I finally got the funds to build a castle in Litador… it couldn’t be better. Well, except for that guy who said he was King Irovetti of Pitax and wanted to establish an embassy. He was obviously a phony. Later he built a “mage’s magnificent mansion” and then left a few days later. That guy was weird.

One day, this messenger bird flew over with news that Brevoy had lost all contact with Varnhold, and they wanted us to investigate. Of course they had to tell us just as I was digging into my bee-bread toast.

We went past a bunch of hills, saw a few centaurs, and before we knew it we were in Varnhold. It’s supposed to be the capital of that area but it was really just a village. The whole region was rather arid and there wasn’t much room for anything to grow. I’m glad we were assigned the Greenbelt instead of that dry place.

Overall, Varnhold was basically a bunch of purple- there was something more important going on, wasn’t there? Let me think… stinky smelly Varnhold… horse people… needs to import food from Espur just to compensate for all that dry dirt they’re sitting on… says they want to to be friends but then refuses to talk to us without even leaving a- I remember now! All the people in Varnhold were gone. Not a single person was to be seen in that village. We decided to go into a fort we found because it looked like the government operated from there.

When we got to the fort, we saw this little blue guy with big ears. He saw us and grew to about 12 times his size. He was our first spriggan. There were also a bunch of wolves that attacked us. Most of them charged me, and of course didn’t make a dent because of my defensiveness. I took most of the wolves out one by one, Dogmuncher cast a fog spell, and the fighting really started.

More big spriggan came out and mostly tried to hurt me, all in vain of course. There were also these snipers shooting at me, but I blocked them with my amazing defense. When the fight was over, we heard these giggling noises in one of the bug houses. The reasonable thing to do would have just been to go in and investigate, but nooo, Dogmuncher and Dahish wanted to burn the whole place to the ground so the people giggling would run outside. I’m glad they didn’t get their way; what if the gigglers had a back door or something?

I was going toward the door when I fell into a spiky pit trap. It hurt a lot. I tried to climb out but I ended up falling back in and getting stabbed again. After 6 tries, I finally managed to get out. It might seem like I was clumsy, but you try climbing up pit slippery with your blood while wearing plate mail, carrying a tower shield, and suffering from several puncture wounds.


He saw us and grew to about 12 times his size. He was our first spriggan…

We went in. There were some murder holes and I think I heard someone try to cast a spell, but overall there was nothing eventful until we got to another door. More spriggan were behind the door attempting to ambush us. We mopped the floor with them.

At the top of some stairs, there was room with a dozen spriggan; it was clearly the base of all this spriggan stuff. One by one, the spriggan came for us, and one by one, we ended their lives. They were all focused on hitting me for most of the time, which was good because it is near impossible to hit this block of steel. In short, I defensed the purple flowers out of them.

We examined the entire fort, but there was not a trace of human life to be found. Apparently the spriggan had done a thorough job. I bet the spirit of Maegar Varn wishes he had a master of defense on his side. We found a lot of potent items and resources, including some of the food we had exported just for them, but sadly there were many things we did not have room to carry back to Corff.

So Varnhold is gone and the dry Tors of Levenies is an anarchy once more. Oh well. Part of me is glad that there is less competition, but I can’t help thinking that a raid like the spriggan incident could just as easily happen to us. Well, it’s a good thing we have Litador to rely on if things get tough. With our new castle combined with our walls, moats, and watchtowers, Litador will never fall!

-Neskaghir (Nate)

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