Rappan Athuk #12: An Excessively Large Amount of Rats

28 Apr

rat-king(Or, Our First Joint Entry)

3rd day of Abadius, 4716 AR

This is our first entry with more than one author. Myself (and Drun) are retelling this tale to the best of our abilities. I will start this tale, and Drun has decided to provide, let’s call it, “commentary.”

Now the very first event I must inform you of, dear reader, is the loss of one of our valued group members, and a personal friend. We had just vanquished a large number of oversized rats and zombies, and were searching the room for further danger and treasure. Sean told us that he needed to relieve himself, and he went out in the hallway to do so. Little did we know, this was the last time we would ever see him. I heard him walk out into the hallway, then an odd whirring noise, an explosion, and then silence. I ran out out see what had happened, and all that remained of our friend was a blackened spot on the wall.

After some grieving, we finished searching the rat nest and found a magical spoon/fork that we have to name “The Spork.” There was also a magically enchanted dagger and 5 normal daggers, and almost 500gp’s worth in coins and gems. There was also an assortment of cutlery and a beautiful golden handkerchief that was delicately balanced on a nail, and Drun used his inherent gracefulness (I’M BETTER THAN YOU!!!!!!) to tear it in half. We then decided to return to the surface to sell our recently acquired items.

When we got to Zelkor’s Ferry we found out that there simply wasn’t enough money in the little town for us to get a fair price for our goods, so we decided to travel to PizzaTown to get the gold we desired. After an uneventful ferry ride there (Where I danced, stupid!), a very eventful journey where we all witnessed a particular undine’s smooth moves. (Me)


I heard Sean walk out into the hallway, then an odd whirring noise, an explosion, and then silence. I ran out out see what had happened, and all that remained of our friend was a blackened spot on the wall.

We arrived at PizzaTown mostly unharmed aside from any emotional trauma that Drun’s dancing might have caused. (no trauma) We sold our items and decided to put up some signs advertising our services. While we excitedly waited for offers, there was a vote on how we should pass the time. In the end, we would either clear the land for our first potential client, Fenton, or head back to the dungeon where Death From Afar had been previously sucked into a wall. I won the vote and we cleared the land. After which we showed Fenton around the land and encountered some wolves although we had not discovered anything during the previous clearing process. I proceeded to lodge bullets between the wolves’ eyes while the rest of the party provided support and Fenton cowered upon his purple horse. Clearly we showed Fenton that we were strong adventurers and the land was well guarded.

After chasing the wolves off our land, we returned to the dungeon. There, we teleported into a few rooms and figured out what was in them using the flash-in-and-flash-out method. We had no problem teleporting into and out of the first 3 rooms, but on the fourth try we couldn´t teleport back. So the rest of the group joined us and we explored the area which surprisingly looked liked a horse on the map I was sketching.  At the horse tail we discovered a door which upon opening revealed hundreds of rats that we massacred and thoroughly disposed of with arrows, blades, and bullets.

We found a teleport pad and teleported into a room full of bubbles. We poked one and it did nothing, then we shot another one with an arrow which resulted in damage to all of us. As I noticed a few people eyeing the wall of bubbles, I retreated to the back of the room. Suddenly an arrow exploded a bubble, sending slimy oily gunk everywhere injuring us. We continued teleporting into yet another room where we killed some annoying ticks before finding our original room and exiting the dungeon.

-Valestar Ekhart (Marco) & Drun Ken Sayler (Torin)


Blizzard, aasimar druid 4
Death from Afar, hobgoblin slayer 4
Drun Ken Sayler, undine gunslinger 5
John Cena’s Sister, dwarven gunslinger 4
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 6
Vv, human ranger 4

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