Guildmoor Gazette #1: A DRAGON in Guildmoor?

26 Apr

bugle-callWeek 1, Wednesday
Price: 3 sp

A DRAGON in Guildmoor?

A large flying lizard — either a drake or a dragon — was seen by the docks on Sunday! Harbormaster Jenkin states there is no cause for alarm. Calls for his removal increase.

“He — or she, it was quite hard to tell, I only saw its back side because it was not a threat. No, not a threat at all,” Jenkin said. “It simply flew past our town, and so I ordered our guards to stand down.”

“It was a copper, or bronze dragon,” said Grizzleby, local sage of lore. “Such creatures tend to not mean ill will. Now, a red dragon? That would be cause for concern.”

Regent Ronulus will meet with the harbormaster today to discuss increasing security at the docks.

“We are looking into it,” Ronulus said. “Meanwhile, still tell your relatives to move to Guildmoor and this is a safe town! If anything, this makes life here a little more interesting.”

Half-orcs demand full respect

A dozen half-orcs gathered before Castle Guildmoor Monday to stage a protest for greater respect in Guildmoor. They held signs aloft saying “Half-orc coppers are just as good as human coppers.” “Half-orc? Half respect!” and “We are not Goblins.”

Regent Ronulus did not step outside, despite protesters’ demand that he do so. A representative did meet with protesters and promised that the Regent would investigate Saturday’s mysterious death of Snubub.


Luscious Lucinda continues to amaze townspeople with her delightful bundt cakes. Lucinda also seeks to dispel the “groundless prophecy” from Grizzleby that the 2nd Annual Bundt-Eating Contest this Saturday will be beset by heavy rain.

“I don’t care if there is a thunderstorm happening, the show must go on!” Lucinda said. “Besides, who believes that hairy old coot?”

Lastly, the Gazette seeks MORE CORRESPONDENTS to chronicle the events in Guildmoor. There is no compensation but EXPERIENCE and the proud feeling that you will have kept informed the citizens of our fine town.

Your loyal correspondent,
Ayduin Ravanan

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