Kingmaker #25: The Plains of Varnhold

22 Apr

After dealing with the owlbear and trolls, the party attended a nobles’ party hosted by the Swordlords of Restov in their sponsoring kingdom of Brevoy. There, they parleyed with rulers from neighboring kingdoms and concluded a few agreements. Takahashi relates what happened… (-GM)

6th of Arodus, 4682 AR


Of course, the brutish and thankfully departed Apollo Creed decided to run at the centaur while shouting, ‘Have at thee!’

Recorded by a servant in the keep of Corff and dictated by His Majesty King Malqazar the Magnificent:

“You know, my reign has been quite interesting. The first real event of note was that masquerade ball in Brevoy. It was quite an experience, I shall tell you that much. The ruling council and I decided after the ball to set up trade relations with the neighboring kingdom of Varnhold, much to the dismay of that blithering idiot Takahashi. He was too busy spouting his grand plans of taking my rightful place on the throne and laying waste to all those who surrounded us. He is truly incompetent when it comes to courtly etiquette and proper royal conduct.

But I digress. On our way to Varnhold, we encountered a great beast known as a peluda, and while it was mighty, it was no match to my sheer power.  We were also asked by a noble named Edrist Horwoki to find his brother Temrin who travelled to Varnhold to meet with the town’s gemcutter.

When we had approached Varnhold, we saw a centaur off in the distance, galloping towards the town. Of course, the brutish and thankfully departed Apollo Creed decided to run at the centaur while shouting, ‘Have at thee!’ The centaur drew her bow and when he would not relent his charge at her, shot him with it.  A brief melee ensued, in which the centaur was the victor.  Apollo and Dahish were up in arms about the whole matter, when Apollo had clearly committed an act of outright violence against the centaur, who turned out to be a close confidante of Maegar Varn, the ruler of Varnhold. When it was decided that the matter would be settled with a wrestling match, Apollo, being the coward that he was, chose to end his own life rather than answer for his crimes.

While we were setting up the trade route with Varnhold, we decided we should answer Brevoy’s request to sort out the problem of the Nomen Tribe of centaurs. The centaurs decided that I should be the one to negotiate with their leader, as none of the other members of that expedition even had half the social graces I had. I managed to work out a truce with the centaurs, as was to be expected. We then returned home to handle economic matters in preparation for sending surplus food to Varnhold.

However, we heard that Brevoy’s contact with Varnhold was lost. I have yet to find out what the meaning of it is, but I am sure that Takahashi will want to kill it, and Nolgrin will want to espouse his foolish philosophy of goodliness to it. Now where’s that spiced wine I requested?

-Malqazar the Magnificent (Simon)

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