Kingmaker #24: What Really Happened

08 Apr

evilAfter dealing with the owlbear and trolls, the party attended a nobles’ party hosted by the Swordlords of Restov in their sponsoring kingdom of Brevoy. There, they parleyed with rulers from neighboring kingdoms and concluded a few agreements. Takahashi relates what happened… (-GM)

6th of Arodus, 4682 AR

We outnumbered them ten thousand to one. An endless sea of soldiers stretched as far as the eye could see. The people of Esper fled in terror, all in vain. We had them surrounded, the soldiers’ infinitely strong black adamantine armor clanging as they thrusted their infinitely sharp black adamantine spears into the people’s oh-so-fragile bodies.

Atop her battle-trained griffon, Dahish sat cloaked in a shining silver adamantine armor, shouting orders and beckoning our indestructible army forward. Adamantine golems moved forward behind us, controlled by lesser generals.

I carried no adamantine; it was not needed. I was the most powerful man in this army, ruler of a thousand nations, smiter of a thousand demons. I had long ascended past the realm of man. Then I saw them, engulfed in fear and damn near dead, a few of my men lay lifeless at their feet. A great skeletal dragon battled one of my golems, barely winning. When they gazed upon me, my familiar smile, my sneering expression, they gritted their teeth with fury and lunged at me, the strix being the first. One by one, I defeated them without a second thought. As they lay upon the ground in terror, the old man, the one that didn’t fight me said:

Takahashi, before you kill them, before you destroy everything we have, I want to ask you, WHY? What could you possibly want from us? Look at how feeble we are to you.”

I gave a cold, crooked smile and said, “You know, I didn’t ask for much. I didn’t want your power, your wealth, your popularity. All I wanted was the title. To be the king. One without power, one without wealth, one whom everyone hated. But you couldn’t give me that. And now” — I raised my hand as I said this — “You’re going to die for it.”

This incredibly pleasant daydream was so rudely interrupted by a cheering crowd. It didn’t take a detective to realise who that was for. The king of crappiness, the emperor of a******s, the god of goody-two-shoes himself, was making a performance at the foot of my palace. This particular time he was fake-fighting the animated skeleton of a troll, who was being controlled by another council member backstage. All the while giving a speech about what he’ll do when he’s king.

Standing next to him was sidekick, Nolgrin, looking starry-eyed and nodding vigorously to everything he said. What’s worse, he’s talking about making changes that I would’ve already made, had the other Council members let me make them. Soon I’ll have them at my mercy, all of them. There’s an international nobles’ party we’ve been invited to. Maybe there I could make some allies…

-Takahashi (Makael)

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5 responses to “Kingmaker #24: What Really Happened

  1. ronaldsf

    April 8, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Makael, I inevitably eyed your admirable employment of alliteration, that which started with “king of crappiness…”

    You have the tongue of a poet. (An evil poet, that is.)

  2. Nate

    April 9, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Sidekick?! Starry-eyed?! I supported that “king of crappiness” because he is a much better speaker than you, and he isn’t prone to going on evil rants like this! Stop sounding like Hitler!


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