Setting and Rules for GUILDMOOR (post 2)

19 Mar


Here’s some more info on the sandbox campaign of GUILDMOOR that we will have in the Guild. Remember that I must hear from teams before Spring Break!

Again, Rule #1 for GUILDMOOR is that you can think up and do anything, BUT it must be something your character(s) would do. The characters in your Team have their own ambitions, hopes, motives, and fears. What those are, YOU can define first.

First of all, if someone can figure out why I am calling it GUILDMOOR, you will win XP! (Hint: the answer is NOT in a dictionary!)

More Guidelines for GUILDMOOR:

  • Each person has one avatar in Guildmoor. Your avatar represents YOU within Guildmoor. Your knowledge is limited to what your avatar knows. For example, if you send out some goblins to explore some woods for you and they are killed by some other players, all you will know is that they didn’t come back! Or if you send some animated skeletons to “scout” out a dungeon, they will come back out and stare at you and say NOTHING! =)
  • IF your avatar is a creature that has class levels (remember, you can be something from the Bestiary if you want to, or a creature from the Bestiary that has class levels!), you begin with an unrestricted 15 point buy to determine your ability scores!
  • If a creature is NOT your avatar and has class levels, then if it has PC levels (e.g. fighter, wizard, etc.) then it starts with the HEROIC ARRAY of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8 before racial and other modifiers. If it has NPC levels (e.g. warrior, adept, expert, commoner, etc.) then it starts with the BASIC ARRAY of 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8.
  • One possible way to approach GUILDMOOR is to find ways to attract others to follow your leadership! This can be through your extraordinary charisma, or more nefarious means…

-Your Ever Imaginative Grandmaster


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