TOURNAMENT: Our Semi-Final Characters!!

18 Mar

gladiatorCharacters are below! And remember for the Tournament:

Here are our characters for next week’s matches:

GMs’ “cheat sheet” summarizing the characters

Monday, March 21

Julian/Kirito + Erick/Loki (Two Fat Llamas, #10) vs. Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner + Enzo/Swashbuckler (Cthulhu’s Faithful, #3)
Erick/Loki’s spells, Emmett/CthutherStarSpawner’s spells

Conor/Mephia Arkanas + Nate/Notoniel (The Fluffy Kittens, #1) vs. Marco/Tom P.K. + Torin/Tim P.K. (Sarcastic Baby Dolphins, #5)
Conor/Mephia Arkanas’ abilities, Marco/Tom P.K.’s abilities, Torin/Tim P.K.’s spells and spellbook

-Your Industrious and Generous Grandmaster

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