Setting and Rules for GUILDMOOR (post 1)

15 Mar

guildmoorBefore Spring Break, I need to hear from you if you want to adventure in the ISLE OF GUILDMOOR, a sandbox campaign that I will game master in the Guild.

GUILDMOOR is an island that is largely untamed. There is a walled keep that guards a mostly-human settlement that manages to live off the land.

You and at least one other member of the Guild get to form a group that will stake their own path on this isle. You will start off relatively weak, small, isolated, and with little knowledge of GUILDMOOR. We will call you and your classmate(s) your Team. Your Team will find and discover things that other Teams need NOT know. I will personally game master GUILDMOOR; you and your teammates will communicate to me your actions, and I will tell you what happens. If something needs to be played out in class, like a battle or an interaction with characters of another player, I will tell you.

Rule #1 of GUILDMOOR is that you can think up and do anything, BUT it must be something your character(s) would do. The characters in your Team have their own ambitions, hopes, motives, and fears. What those are, YOU can define first.

There will be things you find, creatures you encounter, and treasure, if your group explores GUILDMOOR. Some things will too be challenging for you your group to face alone; you might have to ally with others to deal with some things. Or you might want to return to them after you grow more powerful.

You can also tell me about ideas of something people can encounter, and I might put it in GUILDMOOR. Or heck, your GROUP can be one of those things!

I need to hear from the members of your Team before Spring Break. This can be via an index card, or an email. I need to know:

  • Who is in your Team (at least 2 people)
  • The “idea” of your group of characters (I will want a short written description of them) Some ideas for inspiration:
    Insane hermits in the woods (a druid and a ninja) who absolutely despise each other
    A bugbear leading a group of goblins (each with different NPC class levels, such as Warriors, Experts, or Adepts) who are actually good-aligned but are misunderstood
    A thieves’ guild of shape changers
  • Which characters are your avatars (your representative in the game world – what you know and find out will be limited to what they know)
  • GUILDMOOR is a very diverse land. Where will your group begin? The keep and village? In the mountains? The forest? In the water? In some caves? Somewhere else?

Guidelines for GUILDMOOR:

  • Your characters are separate from your Guild characters. They are in a separate “universe”: their XP and loot cannot transfer to your Guild characters or vice versa.
  • You can design 2,400 XP worth of characters (using Pathfinder XP). If your Group includes creatures from the Bestiary, refer to their XP value. You can also add or replace NPC or PC class levels. NPC or PC class levels also confer a gold budget to outfit your group with gear and/or a building using Ultimate Campaign rules. They must be done by the week after Spring Break.
  • Every day of class represents a day in GUILDMOOR. I will approach a member your Team and you will tell me what your Team does on that day. (Examples: explore and map the wilderness, work a job to earn gold). You must eat somehow: If you live in the village, the cost of living is about 3 silver per person per day. Or you can live off the land with Survival checks. If you encounter something that needs to be played out in class (e.g. an encounter with some creatures or even with characters of another Group, or a battle), we will do so.
  • As your group accomplishes tasks and/or defeats creatures in Guildmoor, your Team gains more XP for its “budget” which it can use to make your characters more powerful or add more characters. This will be the Pathfinder XP you earn, divided by 15.

-Your Industrious and Imaginative Grandmaster


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6 responses to “Setting and Rules for GUILDMOOR (post 1)

  1. leo

    March 15, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    this seems like a lot of fun and i hope it will be!

    • ronaldsf

      March 15, 2016 at 8:49 pm

      Is this Leo H?

  2. leo

    March 15, 2016 at 9:08 pm


  3. Enzo

    March 16, 2016 at 7:29 am

    What point buy is it for the PC’s, I want to get to work right away.


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