Kingmaker #22: Trolls and Diplomacy and Trolls

11 Mar

After a long hiatus during which some of the rulers of Esper mysteriously disappeared, our dependable, rock-solid Nolgrin continued his stewardship of the kingdom. He continues the nation’s chronicle… (-GM)

11th of Pharast, 4682 AR


Hargulka, leader of the trolls

Who knew there were so many trolls in the Greenbelt? I certainly didn’t. We were scouting the troll den with the help of Munguk, the hill giant, when a ton of trolls showed up. They swarmed us and almost killed my earth elemental Elliott. This troll problem was worse than we expected.

Meanwhile, back at Corff, big riots started. People complained about have nothing to farm because trolls had been stealing their crops. Also, Dahish’s house burned down and people were blaming it on her brother, Takahashi, who happened to be the current ruler of Esper. This is ridiculous. Why would someone burn down his sister’s house? I can’t imagine a family feud going that far, and even if one does, wouldn’t a carefully planned assassination be more fit for a king than just recklessly burning a house? *sigh* This never would have happened under John Snow’s rule. No one would suspect a benevolent paladin of burning a house. Sadly, John and many others disappeared one night… I can’t seem to remember it… something to do with my amulet. And sahuagin. Brevoy sent in replacements, like Takahashi, but I still feel that something is missing.

All this was moot, by the way, because I sensed no evil in Takahashi and arson with intent of murder is so an evil act. It was much more likely that Dahish just knocked over a candle or something. Or maybe it was trolls. In those days you could blame almost anything on trolls.

We organized a speech to try to calm the people down. At first, the council members went up and said things like “everything’s under control” and “we’re working on finding a solution.” It didn’t work. Then, before anyone could stop him, Takahashi stepped up. He launched this big, intimidating fireball into the sky.

“If I wanted to kill my sister,” he shouted to the awed crowd, “do you really think I wouldn’t succeed? I have the power to do anything here, anything! Believe me, if this fire was of my doing, then Dahish would already be dead. For I am much more than an arsonist. I. Am. Your. RULER!!”

There was a shocked silence.


We organized a speech to try to calm the people down. Then, before anyone could stop him, Takahashi stepped up…

“Oh my god!” one of the people in the crowd shouted. “Takahashi’s a devil!”

Everyone started rioting again. It seemed that this speech was only making things worse. But there was still hope. Amidst all the shouting, I stepped up to the podium.

“People of Esper!” Despite all the chaos, my voice rang loud and clear. “We stand at a turning point in the history of the Greenbelt. We could either descend into a bunch of petty squabbling groups of villagers, just like all the others before us. Or we could unite! We must stop accusing our leader of groundless claims of violence and start facing our real problem. The trolls! If we do not join together to fight these wicked beasts, then Esper will crumble. We must band together to exterminate the trolls!”

People started cheering. It seems the speech was a success after all. Unrest died down after that, and we started to get back down to business, such as making decisions on new buildings. For example, having paved streets in Litador would be a big improvement. It’s only a suggestion.

Signing off,

Nolgrin (Nate)

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