Rappan Athuk #9: The Mouth of Doom?

03 Mar

Vv, the party’s impetuous yet trustworthy archer, continues the chronicle of the party’s ventures into the strange and capricious caverns of the Mouth of Doom… –GM

13th day of Neth, 4715 AR


Valestar stood on the flagstone before the stone head. “I would like experience,” he said. Suddenly he felt more capable than he was already (he leveled up!!). The room instantly went to chaos. Everybody was stumbling towards the flagstone…

The gargoyle looked down on us, as we attacked with every turn and he got weaker after every other blow. Anger Management finished the beast with one big blow. We returned to the surface so Valestar could join us.

Now we had the whole group, so we went back down, looked around and found a long hallway. The first room had a stone face so Anger Management went in. The face blew on him and he did a fortitude save and was very successful. Then Vv went in and it missed him. Valestar went at the same time as Vv and it blew in his face and did nothing, for he was a paladin. Sean went in next, so the face blew on him and he became small. He was 1 FOOT tall!!! Then John Cena’s Sister went and he shrank six feet!! He was now 1 foot tall as well!!

They both decided to have mounts, John Cena’s Sister on an amazingly great creature (drumroll please) a donkey rat!!!!!! And Sean climbed up Valestar’s arm. Next was a room that had a large stone head in the middle of it. It opened its mouth.

“Do you wish reawakening or experience!” it said in a large bellow. The group murmured at this. Valestar was the first to act. He stood on a flagstone that the stone head was facing.

“I would like experience,” he said. Suddenly he felt more capable than he was already (he leveled up!!). At the time, Sean happened to be on his back and so he had the same thing. He felt the same as Valestar had. The room instantly went to chaos. Everybody was stumbling towards the flagstone. Anger Management was the first to get there. He asked for experience like Valestar had earlier. The mouth of the statue opened and he was sucked in. He was completely, hopelessly trapped and died. We tried to save him but the face shot magic missiles at us.

When we escaped the room, four giant ants came out of nowhere and attacked us. Valestar got his horse to block everyone off, and we got them one at a time. Then we found a hole in the ceiling, and Valestar went up it. We found ourselves back in a room we found weeks ago that was full of pools. We were all scared of one pool, all but Valestar.

Then we went home. Both Sean and John Cena’s Sister got big again. After that, we went back and looked in a room and the floor fell in. Valestar dropped a rope so they could climb up. Yellow  gas came from the ceiling so they held their breath and made it up.


-Vv (Vincent)

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4 responses to “Rappan Athuk #9: The Mouth of Doom?

  1. mmccoo171

    March 3, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Man, that 18 strength is helping out with this team carry!

    • ronaldsf

      March 3, 2016 at 10:19 am

      Nooooo! I want more death.

      But yeah if you weren’t in the group we’d have even more deaths hehe


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