Tournament DEADLINE: Don’t get screwed!

27 Feb

Don’t get screwed!

FINAL characters are due Sunday, Feb. 28, 9:59pm. If you have no character by then, you will be disqualified. If your character is incomplete, then you either (1) have only 10-point buy and 75% gold for the entire tournament, or (2) forfeit your unchosen feats, skills, spells etc. for the entirety of the tournament.

The characters will be posted up on the website by this Monday morning.
The Qualifying Round matches are this Wednesday Mar. 2 and Monday, Mar. 7:
If both of you are absent when class starts (Wednesday 2:42pm or Monday 3:35pm), then you forfeit your match. If one of you is absent, then one teammate has to play both your characters (no helpers allowed).

Wednesday, Mar. 2

Makael + Silas (Lucifer’s Blade) vs. Pablo + Joaquin (Disciples of Shadow)

Hunter + Kieran (Moises and Zander Jr.) vs. Leo B. + Ben
Marco + Torin (Sarcastic Baby Dolphins) vs. Avery + Jomei (Rogue)

Kurt + Lucas (The Oompa Loompas) vs. Kyle + Leo H. (Sneaky and Co.)

Monday, Mar. 7
Max Sch. + Paul (The Rainbow Unicorns of Death) vs. Erick + Julian (Two Fat Llamas)
Emmett + Enzo (Cthulhu’s Faithful) vs. Oded + Isabelle
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